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Monday, November 8, 2010

Student Dance Concert photos, take one

Waiting on my dance crew to post pics for me to borrow (steal) is like watching grass grow, yeesh. Don't they know my adoring bloggy fans are anxiously waiting?? Ha!

The concert went very well and the audience loved the zombie piece - as did we. Some friends who had never seen me dance got to come to the concert, which I loved. I'm not going to post all the pictures I have now, as I have a handful, and I'm hoping for better ones in the next show.

Caught gettin' down with my bad self pre-costume in the dressing room

Me and my girls... aren't they pretty?

I danced in five pieces total. In the first piece, the choreographer included pitchers filled with water as a prop, and we poured water into each other's pitchers throughout the dance. It was challenging not to spill on stage and we succeeded... mostly.

Water fountain girls with our choreographer.

The next piece involved cups... many of the choreographers were students in Choreography II, and they were required to use a prop of some kind. This dance included a live drummer onstage, and we created rhythms and beats ourselves, clapping and slapping the floor and playing a rhythmic game with the cups, which many of the girls had played as kids (I had never heard of it, but I am a bit older than them, ha!). The piece had a very tribal feel.

I'm the one rolling backwards with my leg straight up in the air.

Howl like she-wolves (I'm far left).

Tall girls rarely get lifted (we're usually the lifters), so I was stoked to be the one to get to do the splits in the air!

I am rooted like a tree...

And this dance included pillow cases....

Aaaaaaaand the piece you've all been waiting for... zombies!! A zombie wedding, to be exact. Unfortunately, I don't have many pics of this one, but here are a couple to hold you over...

The mother-of-the-bride must have big, crazy hair to complement the gold lame blouse...

The entire wedding party.

Why no action zombie shots?? Long story... but we are gearing up for the Fall Dance Concert this coming weekend, and the zombie wedding will be presented again! A photographer friend of mine will be there so hopefully zombie action shots, take two, will be a success. It darn well better be, 'cause this piece rocks my socks and I want to share it with y'all!

There was one more piece, the "naked/digital" piece (related to our costumes, explanation to accompany pics), which is my other fave along with the zombie piece, but again no action shots. It will also be in the next concert so I'm crossing my fingers that my friend gets good shots of that one, too.

Nighty nite!