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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I escaped the cave!

If you've been a reader for a bit, you've heard me mention my "office-cave" once or twice. And a cave it was. In the basement, cold, sterile white walls... not exactly the ideal work environment for inspiring productivity. But as of last week, the cave is no longer!

My work crew moved to our new building last week. I've been waiting for this move for awhile, knowing it would be my escape from the office-cave. And despite the glitches that come with a new building that is still under construction in parts, I'm very glad we're finally here. Very glad. Let me take you on a pictorial journey from office-cave to room-with-a-view.


... and after!

This is the view from my office. The landscaping is still in progress, but not a bad improvement from the window-less basement, eh?

Its amazing how much your environment affects your mood, productivity, focus, etc. I never thought about it much until we set up shop in the new digs... my mood at work was a total 180-degree turnaround in a matter of hours! Lesson learned to make your space yours with posters, pictures, artwork, anything to make your 8-, 9-, 12-hours more comfortable. As I continue unpacking at home, I'll figure out what to bring to work to bring a little Jessi flavor to the office!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes... Part 3

At last!! I made it back to Blogland alive! :)

We've been moving to a new building at work this week, so my life is in disarray both at home and now at the office, wheeeeeee! But change is good. Keeps things fresh AND my new work digs are brand new, versus the prison-like dungeon I was in before. More on that later.

And now for the third installment of the Ch-ch-ch-changes trilogy!

Change #3: New house!

I'm quite excited about my move. I've been there about two weeks now - yes, I'm still living among towers of boxes and piles of stuff - and I'm in love love love!

Location, location... I'm back to the student-centered CSU 'hood. I love the energy that CSU and Old Town bring. I'm definitely not a 'burbs girl. At all. My drive to work is now 7 minutes - booya! By bike, I'm guessing 15 minutes, but I haven't biked it yet. I don't know, I just feel like I'm back home. Do you all have areas or neighborhoods in your towns and cities that just feel like you belong to each other? I'm there.

The space I now have has seriously downsized, but I don't mind at all. For one thing, it's forced me to downsize the amount of stuff I own, and I'm still whittling it all down. While packing for my move, I was kind of appalled at how much crap I'm dragging around. And I probably only use 20% of it most of the time. I'm donating, selling and throwing out like its my job! The smaller rooms, closets, etc., are good training for when I move to a big city or across the pond (!!) someday. We tend to spread out here in the West, but I know big cities and Europe are compact.

The house is old-school, maybe built in the 50s? I've always loved older houses - I'd love to live in a 1920's bungalow in Old Town. My room totally reminds me of my grandma's house (the one that is still living), which was built in the 50s... the heating vent, the hardwood floors. Omigosh, we have an older gas stove in the kitchen!! I don't know what year, but it has one of those warming compartments to the side of the oven, which we use to store cookie sheets and the like. So fun, I'm so tickled with my house.

I only got a couple pictures, which really doesn't show much of the house, but once I get unpacked and decorated, I'll do a follow-up post.

My dresser with one corner of the room reflected in the mirror... the desk now has piles all over it, and I removed the lamp and fake flowers (they came with the room).

Reflection of the other corner of the room. I bought myself a bunch of my fave flowers to brighten the room and give it some love.

The walls look slightly sea-foam green in the pics, but they're gray.

Please disregard the spotted glass! Cleaning it is on the to-do list. This is the backyard, complete with spacious deck (can we say bbq's and dinner parties?!), grapevine, brick bbq, a garden to the left (out of view) and a plum tree to the right (also out of view). OMG, I'm excited to have people over!!

I'm still digging and hunting for things, which make getting ready in the mornings quite interesting, but its a process.

Happy weekend everyone!! What are your plans? I'm quite excited for mine... this weekend is the biggest festival of the summer here in the FoCo, New West Fest, which includes a ton of fun musical performances. Tonight is the Flobots!!! Eeeeeek, I've been waiting for them all summer! I choreographed my anti-racism piece to their "Anne Braden" song last fall. And tomorrow is Earth, Wind & Fire! What what! Oh, did I mention that both shows are FREE?! Too much fun.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Under construction!

The aforementioned part trois of my "ch-ch-ch-changes" trilogy, that is.

I'm working on it. I promise. I'm just waiting on me to take a few more pics of my new digs for the post before I post. I have some, but I'd like a handful more. So the post is pretty with pics and all.

But I know me - if I don't give myself an expiration date, y'all could be waiting at least another week... SO. If I don't get those pics taken tomorrow morning before heading to work, fo'gettaboutit! The post is going up regardless.

Over and out.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes... Part 2

Part two of our story is bittersweet...

Change #2: School and dance

A couple months ago I think I posted about my money woes and how they affect school... I can't specifically remember, but I only have a short time to write and can't go hunt my archives right now, so let's assume I did. The short of the long of it is that I'm out of money. I'm no longer eligible to receive financial aid and I'm behind on tuition from last year, which means I'm can't register for classes.

Okay. Then in a zippy unexpected twist, about a month ago I received a letter from the university saying that I have a "credit overload violation" for my current degree, which means I'm not allowed to register or receive financial aid. Um, credit overload violation, what?? I was not aware that this even existed. And I'm pretty sure that I should have been warned by someone that this was/is a possibility. Annoying to say the least.

Well, circumstances are what they are and I'm accepting them and figuring out a new plan of attack to keep dancing and training. Of course I'm disappointed. Of course I'm sad to miss out on the adventures and shenanigans that is CSU Dance. Of course I'm frustrated to not complete my goal of obtaining my dance degree. Of course I'm crazy worried about losing technique and strength and flexibility if I can't dance everyday. Dance is not something you can take a semester off from and return 4 months later, picking up exactly where you left off.


Its not the end of the world. A bachelors degree in dance is not the end and and be all of being a dancer. You don't need any kind of degree to be a dancer. So I will continue to train and take class and workout and choreograph and take class and train and choreography and take class... so I continue to move forward toward my goals and hopes and dreams. This doesn't mean I give up. It means I forge a new path.

Tune in tomorrow for part trois of the changes trifecta...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes... Part 1

Hello hello!! Once again I fell off the blogosphere train after promising that this time I returned for good. I think I'm going to stop saying that, lol!

Life's adventures really never do end, do they? But that's what makes life fun, right?! RIGHT. And the constant onslaught of adventures in my life is inspiring this next trifecta of blog posts (three planned posts?! yes. optimistic, considering my posting has been sporadic for a long while now, I know...). Today I present you with installment numero uno.

August is all about transitions... summer to fall, break to back-to-school...

Change #1: My "new" job

Compliments of We Heart It

I say "new" because its the same day-job in the office-cave but the status has been changed from hourly to salary. Along with this status change comes a significant pay raise - can I get an Amen?! - and full time hours. I will be doing the same things so not much will change there. It is a temporary appointment (contract ends in April) which means no benefits (sad) but all is well because my employers took that into account when deciding on my salary, so I can [hopefully] afford some kind of health insurance on my own. We'll see how that goes.

This is a huge relief... Just several weeks ago I wasn't sure I would even be employed past July 30. [Insert slight panic.] My hourly appointment was a temporary thing, and because I work for a public university, there are all kinds of rules and regs and required signatures to changing status, and its never a guarantee. But all is well now.

And what a relief with the money! Not only am I relieved, but I'm buzzing with this one... BIG plans here, which means attacking my crazy-outta-control-financial-debt-hot-mess with ninja fury. This isn't just a wish in my head... I'm working on a bonafide plan. Game ON.

Its funny... my job is the same but I'm still excited as if it were brand spankin' new. So what do I do?? I start window shopping for a new working girl wardrobe, lol! Same job, so same dress code... but for some reason I think that I suddenly need all these new clothes! Well, I do need some new things, but probably not as crazy as I'm imagining it in my head :)

But, wait... how does this affect dance classes in the fall?? Tune in tomorrow for installment number two... :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I interrupt your regularly schedule program...

... to announce that I am setting up shop in my new digs, aaaaand... drumroll, please... I. HAVE. INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and out.

xoxo J