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Monday, July 30, 2012

Weddings and cross-country moving, oh my!

The big move happens two weeks from today!! Eeek, there is still SO much to do... organizing and packing and selling and donating. We're flying out to Pitt, which means we're getting rid of whatever we can't fit into our suitcases. On one hand, it is incredibly freeing to be getting rid of so much clutter that accumulates over the years. On the other hand, there is a lot of clutter to go through. Oy.

And? We're getting married the day before we leave. So on top of a big move, we're trying to plan the Big Day. It's a low-key soiree - a small ceremony with family and close friends, followed by a combined wedding celebration/farewell party. Initially I thought this would mean little to no planning stress. Silly, silly me!

Take the dress, for example. I don't want a typical wedding dress. I want a white sundress, something pretty yet comfortable for getting married outside on a hot August afternoon - but still pretty and special. Oh, and not very expensive. Easier said than done.

After work today my mom and I continued the dress hunt. Here is an indication of how well it was going:

 I  barely find any dress options, but find a sweet Broncos jersey in a heart beat...Maybe I should get married in this?

Anyone have an suggestions or advice for me?? Any good ideas on where I might look for an affordable dress? I'm all ears.

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Hop: My Story

Today I'm sharing my story, how I got to where I am today and why. I'm participating in a Blog Hop inspired and hosted by Brigitte over at Unfettered Ink. When she shared her vision and invited others to join in the storytelling journey, I immediately jumped on board. Everyone has a story to tell and every story is important. Here's mine.

* * * * *

I'm a dancer. I will teach dance, choreograph dances and perform dance throughout my career. I'm about to venture out and begin this career, which is both exciting and completely terrifying. Upon learning that I'm a dancer and an artist, most people assume that I've been pursuing dance since I was a young girl. But I haven't. My first technique class was not until I was 28 years old. Say what?! Yep.

Let's back up a few years. I have always loved to dance. I inherited dancing genes... I have memories of my dad teaching me how to dance to oldies rock 'n roll in our kitchen. My mom loves to get down with her bad self. Wedding receptions were just big dance parties. I really don't remember ever not dancing. But I never was enrolled in formal dance classes as a little girl. We just didn't have the money. I played soccer instead. I loved soccer and was good at it, but oh how I wished to be a ballerina, too.

Fast forward: I graduated high school and started college. I signed up for extracurricular swing dance classes offered by the university's recreation department. Those classes were my initial launch into the dance world. Of course I wasn't content with simply learning and going out social dancing, so I busted my butt to join a troupe and began teaching and performing. Getting paid to do what I loved was amazing and surreal and a dream come true. But it was still just a hobby - a time-consuming hobby, but a hobby nonetheless - and nothing I seriously considered to attempt as a career.

Fast forward: it's summer 2007 and I was back in school trying to figure what to do with my life. I was quasi-following So You Think You Can Dance. I think it was season three or four. I don't really remember. What I do remember is one of the dancers. Her story completely caught my attention. She was on this show, yet she had only been training for about four years prior. Something inside of me turned on. I thought to myself, wait a minute, if she can do this, why can't I? I was a good dancer, I knew that in my heart. I also knew my passion for it. It was (and still is!) my heart and soul. I am absolutely happiest when dancing. So I made a decision to take a leap of faith. The next day I met with the head of the dance department to request to be a dance major. That fall, I donned my first ever pair of pink tights and black leotard and took my first ballet class.

Several of my friends thought I was crazy. I don't blame them. Starting ballet at age 28 is crazy... dance years are like doggie years and 28 is old! But I was determined. I needed to at least try. I would rather try and fail than not try at all and never know.

You know what? I didn't fail. I'm still here. Sure, it's been a very tough road. There has been plenty of blood, sweat, tears, ice and ibuprofen. But every minute has been worth it. And while I'm ancient in dance years (I'm now 33), better late than never, right?

One of the most important life lessons I've learned during this journey is that we are so much stronger and more capable than we ever give ourselves credit for. Just when we think we've reached the boundary, if we have just a little courage, even a tiny flicker, we discover that our limits are flexible and can be stretched to a new place. Little by little, inch by inch, we learn how much we can truly do and BE. Go ahead, try... there's nothing to lose, I promise.

* * * * *

Thank you for letting me share my story. I have been inspired by each of the stories that have been shared so far by the other Blog Hoppers, and I have a feeling you will be, too. Go visit Brigitte's blog to read some inspiring stuff!
And while you're at it, what's your story?


Friday, July 6, 2012

New ballet shoes and bling

Life is so full and it just whizzes by with mere seconds to take a deep breath before diving back in. I try so very hard to capture in snapshots in my mind to share here on le blog. My memory bank is quite full these days and I can only hope to remember to share all that's happening. Here are a few things as of late....

More and more Pittsburgh apartment shopping. Today we finally got some positive responses - "yes, we're willing to rent to you via the Internet... please find the application attached..." Most responses have been hesitant or flat-out no's to renting remotely. I mean, I get it from a business perspective. I guess. But we're giving you our money, so... Fingers crossed today's finds work out!

It's been on national news, but in case you haven't heard, Colorado's mountains are burning everywhere. We have several fires right now, but the one closest to where I live is the High Park Fire. It burned over 87,000 acres, last I heard, and while it's now 100% contained, the entire state is still under a fire ban. Which meant no personal fireworks were allowed for 4th of July. My city cancelled fireworks all together, out of respect to those who've lost their homes and for the firefighters who have been battling the inferno. The neighboring city, which happens to be my hometown, did fireworks though, so we drove there to see the display. While my hometown itself is not my favorite (a story for another time), I'm glad we ventured down there. I love the 4th of July.

New shoes! It takes me forever to buy myself new ballet slippers, but my toes were poking out so badly I just couldn't take it anymore. I love how clean and pink they are when I first take them out of the box. I even love the process of sewing my elastics to fit my feet just right. Little things just make me happy!

This doesn't do justice to how holey those shoes are...

Pretty and still pink...

So do some bigger things... like this:

Yes, he put a ring on it!! We got engaged last Sunday, July 1st. I guess I can't refer to him here as Boyfriend anymore, now can I?  We're pretty excited. No date or set plans yet. You never know with me, so stay tuned :)

What have you been up to lately??

Happy Friday!