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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I know I promised you work and dance updates, but the final word on the work sitch is still pending, so I don't want to mention anything until things are finalized. And the dance updates are tied to the work update, so I have to wait on that. Fingers crossed for next week...

Enough babbling... I have news!!

Come late November, I will become an aunt for the first time. And it's a boy! His name will be Forrester Carpenter Day... Forrester for the grandfather that passed away last August and Carpenter is my mother's maiden name and my brother's (the daddy) middle name. He will have the names of both my grandpas. I love it :)

The news that my baby brother's girlfriend is preggers was a bit surprising about a month and a half ago... he's 21, she just turned 20, so well, the situation is not ideal. But life happens. To all of us. So no one in the fam has been judgey (at least not the immediate fam) and we're all loving and supportive... what good would it do to be judgemental?? It is what it is, and holy moley, they're both so young and a bit scared, so the best the rest of us can do is love on them. So that's what we're doing.

And now I have four months of planning and shopping to get ready for this Auntie business :)


Friday, July 23, 2010

And it goes on and on and on and on

Hey hey!

Long time no blog, I know. Sorry, been busy. Just the usual... work and Avon and dance and church stuff and the typical summer shenanigans. A quick round of pics from last weekend's adventures...

I heart gelato!


Air pool-stick guitar

Cue it up!

I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments and condolences for my grandma. All of your comments really touched me!! Her service was small but sweet, and the weather was gorgeous. Colorado-sunny, but not too hot, and the coolest part: while the minister was doing his thing, a yellow monarch butterfly kept fluttering around. We all agreed that it was Grandma hanging out one last time before heading up to chill with Grandpa. It was great :)

Life goes on and both Grandma and Grandpa were no-BS, hard-workin' folk, so I know they'd want me to do exactly that - no moping around for too long allowed! My days are quite full, and my happy-go-lucky, I'm-in-love-with-summer self returned last week and has definitely been in full-force this week.

There are things to report - about my job, about school/dance - but I'll save that for next week (if I can get myself to Blogland long enough to write a post, sheesh...). I just don't have a long post in me right now.

This weekend's shenanigans entail camping and hiking a 14er (that's a 14,000-foot mountain, for you flat-landers ;) ) - or two! Pics to come, I'm sure ;) What are your weekend plans??

Happy weekend, lovelies!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For Grandma

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! My weekend was good, filled with the summer activities that I love... the pool, ballet, bike rides, friends, fireworks despite the rain... but it ended on a sad note.

I received a call from my dad on Sunday night saying that Grandma was not doing well, and that he and my aunts had decided to let nature take it's course after months of her steady health decline. At 6am today he texted me that she passed away in her sleep last night.

She's had Alzheimer's and dementia for a couple years now, and over the last month or so she has been in and out of the hospital with increasing health problems. Grandpa died this past August, so the family expected Grandma to go shortly after. She wasn't "aware" in the way we all are, but we know that she knew Grandpa came to be with her at the nursing home every single day, and when he passed, a part of her did, too. So, we all knew it was coming. But it's still sad.

I went to see her yesterday at the nursing home to say good-bye. She wasn't awake (her decline over the weekend brought her into a coma) and wouldn't have known who I was even if she were awake, but I know she knew her family was there, loving on her. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to see her again before she left this world.

If I remember correctly, Grandma's favorite color was yellow. I visited a trial flower garden yesterday with a friend and we took these pictures. I think Grandma would like them. So they're for her.

We will miss you dearly, Grandma. I have very fond memories of you and all your sassyness! :) Although you're gone, I know you're in a better, happier place now, no longer suffering, and with Grandpa. I take comfort in this, and knowing I will see you both again someday. I love you!