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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pedal Pusher

So. I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath since I last mentioned a pending change in my corner of the 'verse, so I am here to finally spill the beans. Last weekend I downsized from four wheels to two. No more car for me... I'm now a full-time bike commuter!

Most people ask "What happened??" with great concern, but this was a choice. The short version of the story is my youngest brother and his girlfriend are the lucky parents of the Cutest Baby Alive, my nephew. Life has been throwing them curveballs right and left, and one curveball in particular has been the inability to find a car that stays running for longer than a week. Cars are expensive, but when you have a little one a car is pretty much essential.

So I gave them my car. On Father's Day, I handed my brother an envelope with the keys and the title signed over to him. And then I asked him for a ride home :)

Sure, it's been an adjustment... I now only carry the essentials for my day – lunch, laptop, ballet gear, basic Avon business stuff and items to freshen up post-ride. Feel the burn, baby! I may be in shape, but any new activity requires muscles to be used in new ways - I was ready to call it a night by 9:30pm all last week and I’m not an early to bed gal. On Friday I calculated approximately how far I bike in a day, and it came to about 15 miles. Not bad. Oh, and the appetite! I’m a hunger monster anyway, but my food consumption has gone through the roof. The money I’m saving on gas and insurance may be traded in at the grocery store. Holy moly.

What was one of my biggest fears? Helmet hair, ha! But honestly, it's not been as bad as I expected. My bangs fluff back to life without too much effort. And my morning routine is much simpler, allowing me more time to snooze. There is no point in doing a full blowout or makeup face nowadays. Again, I was worried I’d be a hot sweaty mess upon arrival at work, but I change from biking getup to work-apropos outfit, dab on some powder and lip gloss, and I’m good to go. Thank the stars I work in a casual office.

Any inconvenience or adjustment on my part is far outweighed by the benefit to my brother and his li’l family. It was the right thing to do, so no regrets. FoCo is a very bike-friendly little city, so that helps tremendously, too. And you know I'm still sporting my girly style... hot pink Nike backpack; pink, black and white helmet; and my nails are still polished... today is sparkly red Ruby Slipper.

Wouldn't mind if this was the view on my commute...

All kinds of bike-related posts have been swirling around my helmeted head… such as beauty/fashion posts, potentially titled “Biker Babe Beauty” or “Pedal Pushing Pretty”… We’ll see what happens!

images We Heart It

Happy Monday lovelies!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, you lookin' fiiiiine

Twas a rough week! No major drama, just serious sleep deprivation. I spent the last week house and dog sitting a town away, which was a good samaritan thing to do to help out my friend, but I'm not gonna lie - I can't wait to get home tonight! I haven't really slept for about 7 nights now and I'm a hot mess. Every night it was something different... the pillows were tweaking my neck funny; the house was hot; the dog decided to bark and play around 3am; I babysat my 6-month old nephew overnight one evening, and the little guy still wakes up in the middle of the night for some grub. Got a little taste of mommyhood there... I will happily rock mommyhood someday, but I'm good with putting that off just a bit longer!

Still the reigning champ of the Cutest Baby Alive Award!

So, YAY weekend and being back home!! Friday is lookin' fiiiiine. What's on my weekend agenda?

Tonight... bed, sleep, passing out. End of discussion.

No sooner do I get home that I leave town again... Tomorrow I head to Denver for a joint birthday bash for some good friends I haven't seen in awhile. Many of the party-goers are hip hop dancers so the dance floor should be bumpin'. I miss that crew... If I'm not too distracted by the awesomeness that is sure to be demonstrated on the dance floor, I'll snap a few pics for le blog. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to jump in there myself. These peeps are legit, so we'll see.

Sunday is Father's Day of course, so I'll spend the day with my dad. This usually includes some bomb barbecue on his part, which will be the perfect cure for birthday dance party recovery.

And then it will be back to the grind before we know it, le sigh...

Ooh, and I have a li'l change happening over the weekend, so the next time I pop in I'll have some news... never a dull moment 'round here!

What are your weekend shenanigans??

Happy weekend loveys!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look who's 3!

My blog turns 3 this week! Since I myself am a December baby and was never able to have the pool party I always dreamed of, I will throw my blog one, right here...

Can't have a party without balloons

I want our guests to have options

Party favors

We'll top the cake with berries picked fresh from our garden!

I'll be here all day, folks

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the party's over...

Enter the DJ

Images via We Heart It

Who's going to join us??


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lunch of champions

I know better, I really do. I've taken Human Nutrition courses, read plenty of legit nutrition scoop and even hired a personal trainer earlier this year to help contribute to my health quest. I've experienced first hand how much better I feel overall when I'm eating like a health rockstar. Being an athlete, I know the importance of fueling my body. I know what efficiently fuels my body and what's just fluff. I know my jazz.

But sometimes I don't do so hot, and this time the budget is the culprit.

A tricky budget is nothing new in my world, but I always figure it out one way or the other. I'm not always the wisest of consumers and I waste money on things that I convince myself I will die without, which then takes those funds from more important things or goals. One of the bigger goals being returning to student status in the fall and finishing my dance degree next spring (I took this last year off due to finances, for those readers new around here). I'm so close, only two semesters to go!

I've been chipping away at some hefty past-due tuition at the university over the last year and now that I'm down to the wire - two months until fall semester! - I'm in full-on penny-pinching mode. If I had forced myself into said mode months ago this wouldn't be so critical now, but c'est la vie. Long story short, I'm cutting corners and food is one of them... which means three days this week so far I've eaten cup o' noodles for lunch. Ah yes, so nutritious.

I know, I know... you don't need to tell me. But to help give myself some peace of mind, I give my cup o' noodles some oomph with half a tuna or egg salad sandwich (eggs and canned tuna are great cheap protein options, P.S.) and whatever fresh veggies were on sale that day at the grocery store. I keep snacks simple with more veggies and/or fruit and a protein such as yogurt or cheese. And Homeboy has saved the day by feeding me substantial meals for dinner.

I know I can do better than this. I know it's possible to eat on the cheap without sacrificing all nutritional heft. It simply a matter of getting creative and disciplining myself to meal prep better than I have over the last several months. And although I may know my jazz, I don't doubt that there are ideas and tips you all might have that are new and fresh to me... so please send your own healthy-but-cheap strategies my way!

Bon appetit!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Packed with a punch

The week was short and sweet but jam-packed full o' goodness.

Numero uno: it is officially summer, y'all... wahooooo!

Okay, maybe not technically until June 21st, but whatevs... June 1st rolls around and it is officially summer in my mind.

Numero dos: Ballet Club is LIVE! Those of us dancers who stay in the FoCo over the summer get together to do ballet and other dance, yanno so we stay in shape and prevent losing all the fierce technique we fought so hard for during the year, [obviously] dubbing it Ballet Club. This year I want to get t-shirts made... Anyone know of any cheapo tee-design websites?? And P.S., you don't use it, you lose it. I am out. of. shape. yo. Well hello there, dance muscles.

Numero tres: SYTYCD! I rarely watch TV but this one I arrange my schedule around, if possible. As cheesy as it may sound, the show completely inspires me... many of those dancers are uh-maaaazing. And truth? It was Season 4 that inspired me to march my little patooty to the CSU Dance Department and sign up. Can't wait for the Vegas call-back show next week.

Numero quatro: Cardio Kickboxing and Strength. This is the group fitness class I teach on Friday mornings. I channel my inner Billy Blanks and do my best to do him proud. My bf (yes, there is a bf on scene... see #5 below) is such a trooper and attends my classes. Um, coolest bf ever! I love teaching... no matter how groggy or not in the mood I am when I roll out of bed on Fridays, after class I am bouncing off the walls and the effects last all day. Every Friday so far = best mood ever.

Numero cinco: Boyfriend. Hmm, whaddya want to know?? We officially started hanging out in February, Valentine's Day to be exact... I know, I know, barf right? But it was not an official Valentine's date - it was very spontaneous and unplanned and involved a romantic dinner of Five Guys burgers. But he's awesome. Really and truly. I mean, the guy attends my fitness class, and that's just the tip o' the iceberg. Something HUGELY awesome about him is the nonstop laughter. We are so dorky and silly together and we make each other almost-pee-our-pants laugh. MUY importante, mis amigos. So now that I've let the cat out of the bag, maybe you'll hear more about him from time to time... stay tuned!

That is all. I will leave you with a video that the bf, whom will be known as Homeboy from here on out, posted on my FB wall last night. He says it makes him think of me. He often comments on my seemingly boundless energy. I guess he's right, but I never really thought about it: I don't stop moving. Enjoy!

Happy weekend, lovelies!