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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aaaaand, we're back! Five After 5!

Some Five After 5 goodness comin' at ya... Today's Five After 5 is all about the random.

I chopped my hair off.

Why: just because. I wanted to see if I could really pull off short hair... and because Boyfriend looooves short hair. I also wanted retro flare to my hair. This is the result:
Kinda 1930s, no? I don't have a better one at the moment, but you get the idea. You like?? Boyfriend gives it an A+. Yay!

It's crunch time.

While I didn't enroll in classes this semester, I am doing a ballet pedagogy (teaching) certification with the ballet professor at CSU. I've completed all my teaching rotations and now I'm working on the written and oral exams. I'm stressed. I'm trying not to panic but I have two weeks to write and prepare and there is a lot to this. It took a friend of mine over 2 hours to present her oral exam. Holy whoa...

Nike pointe shoes?!

Have you seen these?? (See this link.)

I haven't read much about them yet, but from what I can tell from my quick glance is that they're just a concept at this point. Aesthetically, I love them. And they're Nike, which you know is my fave label. But I have very little pointe experience myself, so I hesitate to form an opinion from a dance perspective quite yet. I'm very curious to know my ballet prof's thoughts, of course, as well as other dancers out there...?

Name change: yay or nay??

As I make changes around here, I'm tossing around the idea of changing my blog's name, too... Is this a really bad idea?? The reason I'm considering this is because the focus of my blog is evolving a bit. When I started writing, I had a focus and the name of my blog reflected that. As my life evolved, so did le blog and it's focused widened - it kind of became a jane-of-all-trades lifestyle blog where I talked about whatever tickled my fancy in the moment (case in point: this post). But my life is evolving yet again and as it does, I want my blog to return to a specific focus. As I process and work through changes to le blog, a name change is beginning to seem necessary. But you tell me: will that throw you off? Annoy you? Do share and please be honest. I don't want to charge ahead without thinking of you, my dear readers!

Focus Jessi!

Like I said, time to focus back in. I have yet to figure out a neat 'n catchy little description, but... dance, fitness, health, nutrition, all from a dancer's perspective and experience. Ya dig?

Happy Tuesday, y'all! 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Diagnosis: RA

Ummm, Jessi, where are all the changes you promised?? I know, this place still looks the hum-drum same. I finally took care of the lingering housecleaning in #3 , as well as dealing with what I'm talking about below, but now I'm fully free to move forward full speed ahead. Concrete ideas, planning and steps are underway, so have no fear, I wasn't blowing smoke up your tutus!

Several posts ago, I talked about some serious aches and pains I started experiencing in January. After several doctor visits, blood tests, x-rays and more doctor visits, I finally have an answer.

On Wednesday morning I learned the final verdict, and that is I have rheumatoid arthritis. Now, this sounds much, much worse than it is. I mean yes, RA really can be terrible for some people, but I'm in the very early stages of development. I don't have any joint deformity and my pain can be managed by slightly increased, but still safe, doses of ibuprofen. Now I will start specific drug therapy which will kick it into remission.

But isn't arthritis something that just happens to old people? No. First of all, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, unlike osteoarthritis which is something that just happens with aging and most of us will develop this to some degree when we're old fogies. Yay for aging, huh? Second of all, someone can develop RA at any age since it's autoimmune and related to genetics. My dad has RA, as did my grandmother (his mom), so the stars were aligned for me. Thanks Dad! ;)

So, while this isn't ideal and obviously I would not choose to be "a rheumatoid" (the label the doc used for us RA folks, lol) if I had a say in the matter, it's nothing to get in a tizzy over. My life isn't over and it isn't terminal news. My impatience with feeling crappy and demanding to be fixed now (I don't have time for this, I got shiz to do!) helped catch it early. Drug therapy will prevent progression of the disease which is what causes joint deformities. No Quasimodo hands and feet for me.

At last I know what's been goin' down in my bod for the last three months so I can deal with it and get on with taking care of business. AND a huge concern has been quelled: I can still do my dance thang and the other active shenanigans that I love. Big sigh of relief. As I told the doc, giving up my active life would be death to my soul. He smiled and reassured me that that doesn't have to happen.

Happy weekend y'all! Get outside, get your booty to the gym, go play with the dog or kiddos... doesn't matter, just do.