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Friday, July 29, 2011

Nike doesn't pay me... but I sure wish they did

Best compliment I got this week: "Well, look at you, Biker Barbie! Even your bangs are peeking out oh-so-perfectly from under your helmet..." Two coworkers of mine commented on how cute and coordinated I looked, even while sporting a bike helmet and sporty duds. Seems silly, but it was perfect timing because I've been feeling less than cute lately. Dresses and heels just don't work very well on a bike (maybe a cruiser, but I zip around town on a mountain bike). I guess they had a point... I mean, my pink and white bike helmet, bright purple capris, Nike Eclipse kicks and hot pink backpack ensemble was pretty Barbie-esque. I can live with that :)

Nike. One of my fave brands by far. When I rock the Eclipse kicks, backpack with the big white swoosh and Nike tee all on the same day, its ridiculous. I'm a walking endorsement. I guess I'm a bit obsessed with the brand.

I may or may not have spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing the Nikestore site this morning, as well as You Tube stalking the Nike Women Channel (girl crush alert!). I do need new workout duds, especially since the amount of time I'm going to be teaching and dancing is going to increase exponentially here soon. And the You Tube stalking was work research... I'm looking for new exercises for the strength section of my Cardio Kickboxing & Strength class :)

Perfect for the studio this fall, no?? (minus the shoes, of course)

Role models

The girl in the white hoodie? That's Sofia Boutella. She's a bad ass. Ballet dancer turned b-girl... homegirl is legit. Her passion and fire and drive - and muscles! - are a total inspiration. I love, love, love this Nike ad from 2006, with Sofia just doin' her thang...

Ahhhh, Fridaylicious! Enjoy your margaritas, your bbq's and your couch time (I know I will!)... but be sure to mix it up with a solid sweat sesh or two :)

Images via Nike Women and Nike Women on Facebook
Nike is not paying me to show them off, unfortunately... I just love them.

Happy weekend lovelies!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall

While biking in to work this morning, yet another little blog post light bulb went off... but then I quickly dismissed it. "I can't talk about that, it's not set in stone yet... if I do, I'll jinx it..." I thought. And so my blog sits empty for yet another day.

I then realized that I'm a little superstitious. I fear that if I talk about something too soon, it will be jinxed and won't materialize into reality. I do this in real life as well as in Blog Land. When Homeboy and I started dating back in February/March, I didn't tell a soul. I wasn't hiding it per se, but I wasn't shouting it from the rooftops, either. Our friends harass us now about how long it took us to finally "admit it" on Facebook ('cause nothing is officially official until it's on Facebook, right?). I think that when I get the feeling that something good has fallen into my lap, I protect it in it's early stages, sheltering it from anything that I think may compromise it's survival until it's grown enough to support itself. Weird? Anyone else do this?

There are things on my life horizon that I'm hiding, things I want to share with you and write about. Do I take a risk and share? Do I ignore my superstitious fears, trusting that most end-results are in my control and not completely abandoned to fate? (I'm dramatic, no?)


So, my job is ending next Friday. August 5th is my last day. I didn't get canned, I didn't quit... In a nutshell, my position was a temporary appointment and while I knew my employers would have jumped through the HR hoops to extend my appointment if I had asked, I chose not to. I just have this feeling that it's time to move on, that it's time for a new chapter. No, I don't have a replacement in place at this point, beyond my Avon business and fitness teaching. Maybe I should be more worried than I am, but I'm not stressed about it. In fact, despite the challenges I'm going to face, I feel like this is what is supposed to happen. I feel like it's time to finally jump head-on into the myriad of self-employed projects and dreams that I've put on hold for so long... I hope. I mean, I sense that my Avon business and my fitness teaching could be so much more than it is right now, but I struggle to find time to put into them because my time is spent here at my 9-to-5. And I don't love my 9-to-5. I never have loved any of my 9-to-5s, for sitting at a desk job sucks my soul, but ironically that is always the type of job I've had.

And then there is school and dance. More projects and dreams abound there, as well. That's a post for another day.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. But I just have this feeling that it's all going to be okay. I have faith that it will all work out fine, for the best... I just have to keep trucking along, pursuing and fighting to make my dreams reality.


Monday, July 18, 2011

She's got legs

I'm obsessed with legs. A dancer's body is amazing and beautiful and it's the legs I love the most. I can spend hours pouring over dancer pics, trying to soak in all the beauty and strength and artistry for myself. My eyes are drawn to the legs first, always.

Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk, two of my faves

Of my dance peers whom I admire most, it's not just their impeccable technique or performing prowess, it's also their strong, beautiful legs.

I constantly fret about my body, if it's strong enough, flexible enough... really, I never feel it's enough of anything, I feel like I have miles of training and conditioning to go, concerns all dancers obsess with, methinks... and of course my worry includes how my body looks. I'm sure you can guess which area I'm most obsessed with...


It's a constant love-hate battle for me, I won't lie. Yes I'm tall and thin... I didn't earn the nickname Mama Long Legs from friends for nothing, I guess... but I'm still uber-conscious of my legs. I know, I know, I am my harshest critic. And the reactions I get when I admit this obsession to people goes something like, "what?! shut up, you're fine, you look great, stop worrying!"... but I continue to worry. And I continue to lunge, plié, squat, relevé, downward dog and cardio kickbox, aiming for stronger, bendier, beautiful legs like the gorgeous dancers above. I want to be a badass in tights.


Friday, July 15, 2011


Hold up summer, what's the rush?? Chill. Kick off your flip flops and stay awhile. Your company I love the most. (Slight panic creeping in upon realization that it's already July 15...)

So lovelies, how are your summers? Mine is going too fast. As usual. I'm not getting done half of what I planned. As usual. But no matta! I'm not going to let that bring down my mood.... there are still about 6 weeks of summer goodness to milk.

Biking is going well for the most part. There have been some not-so-fun adventures, of course. Apparently North America gets monsoon weather, and despite being land-locked almost smack in the middle of the country, Colorado gets hit with it, too. I'm talking hella crazy thunderstorms, rain and hail. It's been better this week, but last week was truly monsoon-y. Which inspired an emergency visit to the bike shop to pimp my ride with front and back fenders to avoid the street-grimed-legs-and-mud-butt results of rain biking. Not a good look when meeting with Avon clients, ha! And one afternoon I hid under a tree during one particular torrential downpour, attempting to stay quasi-dry. Good times.

I did get a break this week... a friend of mine often travels for work, so while working across the pond in London town this week, she allowed me to borrow her car. My quads were very grateful for the vacay! And arriving dry to work and Avon meetings has been lovely :)

Things I'd still like to do before fall semester begins... Hike a couple more montañas. Pool. I've not nearly had enough pool days. Read while sprawling on a blanket under a tree in the park. Sit on more patios, drinking margaritas, mojitos and sangria. Eat lots more corn on the cob. Catch up on SYTYCD... I'm waaaaay behind. And HARRY POTTER, bahhhh!!

Whew, I have a few things to do over the next 6 weeks. I better get a move on...

Pics via We Heart It

Happy Weekend lovelies!