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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I know I promised you work and dance updates, but the final word on the work sitch is still pending, so I don't want to mention anything until things are finalized. And the dance updates are tied to the work update, so I have to wait on that. Fingers crossed for next week...

Enough babbling... I have news!!

Come late November, I will become an aunt for the first time. And it's a boy! His name will be Forrester Carpenter Day... Forrester for the grandfather that passed away last August and Carpenter is my mother's maiden name and my brother's (the daddy) middle name. He will have the names of both my grandpas. I love it :)

The news that my baby brother's girlfriend is preggers was a bit surprising about a month and a half ago... he's 21, she just turned 20, so well, the situation is not ideal. But life happens. To all of us. So no one in the fam has been judgey (at least not the immediate fam) and we're all loving and supportive... what good would it do to be judgemental?? It is what it is, and holy moley, they're both so young and a bit scared, so the best the rest of us can do is love on them. So that's what we're doing.

And now I have four months of planning and shopping to get ready for this Auntie business :)



  1. wow they are young but you're right. you have a positive way of looking at the situation...and i know that little guy will be one loved kid :)

    congrats auntie!!!

  2. That little guy will be very lucky to have you as an Auntie. Aunties are VERY important. The dude lives for my sis! Congrats lady!

  3. You will be such a great positive influence in his life. I am so happy for you!

  4. Ah! Yayay! Congratulations, my love! You are going to be the best Aunt ever!! :)

  5. It will be so fun to shop! Congratulations.

    Fellow Rosebud :)

  6. You'll be an aunt. Lucky guy! :) And yes, it's worth loving life the way it just comes along instead of judging all the time. Support and love is what they both need and I'm sure it's what they get, too. Love the name by the way! :)

    Have a good day.

  7. aw, it sounds like you have quite a bit of exciting news on your hands right now! If i had a nickel for all the happy pregnancies that were not at all planned, I would be a very rich girl. They will be the young and hot parents. Very nice.