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Monday, July 30, 2012

Weddings and cross-country moving, oh my!

The big move happens two weeks from today!! Eeek, there is still SO much to do... organizing and packing and selling and donating. We're flying out to Pitt, which means we're getting rid of whatever we can't fit into our suitcases. On one hand, it is incredibly freeing to be getting rid of so much clutter that accumulates over the years. On the other hand, there is a lot of clutter to go through. Oy.

And? We're getting married the day before we leave. So on top of a big move, we're trying to plan the Big Day. It's a low-key soiree - a small ceremony with family and close friends, followed by a combined wedding celebration/farewell party. Initially I thought this would mean little to no planning stress. Silly, silly me!

Take the dress, for example. I don't want a typical wedding dress. I want a white sundress, something pretty yet comfortable for getting married outside on a hot August afternoon - but still pretty and special. Oh, and not very expensive. Easier said than done.

After work today my mom and I continued the dress hunt. Here is an indication of how well it was going:

 I  barely find any dress options, but find a sweet Broncos jersey in a heart beat...Maybe I should get married in this?

Anyone have an suggestions or advice for me?? Any good ideas on where I might look for an affordable dress? I'm all ears.

Happy Monday!



  1. Holy cow?! You're getting married in two weeks?!!!!!! I wish I lived closer so we could go dress shopping together.

  2. Your day is going to be here in no time. And yes, it's always great to get rid of clutter...always, it's just a handful. :(

  3. Wow! A lot is going on for you and it's so exciting!!

    Having moved across the world with a luggage allowance of 20kgs my advice is ... don't pack too many clothes. They go out of style so quickly and they just take up room. Be brutal. Get rid of that dress you were hoping to one day find an occasion to wear, knowing deep down you will never wear it. That is what I had to do.

    Can't give you any wedding advice, I'm afraid, but I guess just enjoy it and don't get bogged down by the stress of it - don't lose sight of the reason you are getting married: to celebrate your love with your partner and to make a commitment to them for life. And your day is all about you (and the groom of course) and at the end of the day, do what makes y'all happy!

    Best of luck for the next couple of weeks and look forward to reading your posts!