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Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st - A Bittersweet Day

Today marks the beginning of the dual end-of-summer countdown. One being the last month of summer is upon us (pouty face), making up the bitter half. The other being the countdown to the start of the new school year, which is the sweet half.

School is the sweet half, you cry out?! Yes, I know... Most students mourn the return of the school year, for their lazy summer days are officially over. Yes, this is true... although, since I work full time in the summer and have a tendency to fill up my free time pretty fast, summer's "laziness" is more a state of mind than reality. But I digress...

I like school and I always have. I enjoy learning and I've always been a school-lover. As a kid I would get so excited to go school shopping with my mom and brother for new supplies and clothes. I would make my brother sit with me, while I organized and re-organized my new gear, and "talk about school" - you know, friends, recess, teachers, our fave subjects. I loved the smell of new crayons and new pencils... god, it was great!

Things are a little different now, of course. I don't get to buy new outfits (hard to do living paycheck to paycheck with a college-student's budget) and the new crayons have been replaced by uber-expensive stuff like textbooks and ballet shoes. Regardless, I still get jazzed about the start of a new year. I like new beginnings and the change of seasons. It doesn't hurt that I love what I'm studying in school!

BUT, I still have a few summer things to do before I'm ready to trade my bikini for a leotard... I need to get to the pool a few more times. I need to hit the trails on my bike. I have more hiking to do. And camping, I still need to go camping! In just over a week, JBF and I will be leaving for our roadtrip vacation - Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, the Sand Dunes, the hot springs in Ouray - so plenty of hiking and camping will be had during our trip, thank god. I'm even going to try to squeeze in a 14er hike of Long's Peak.

So, once you're done reading this, get out there and play!

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