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Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 1 Musings

Well, I got through Week 1 of the fall '08 semester in one (sore) piece. Since its been awhile since I last wrote, I figured I'd jot down some thoughts about the week and coming semester...

As expected, I was crazy sore by Friday. And bruised up. That's what happens when you only take ballet once a week during the summer, and then take the two weeks prior to school off completely. I think I'm going to enjoy my classes, albeit they will be challenging. That's a good thing, though - growth doesn't happen without a challenge. I'm taking this Pedagogy class which I'm both excited nervous for... essentially I'm learning how to construct and teach a basic ballet lesson, which is what makes me nervous. It may not seem too difficult at face value, but for one, I still consider myself a ballet novice, and second, my professor is all business. I think it's going to be my toughest class.

Besides classes, we had auditions for the fall senior dance concert. How it works is, three seniors collaborate to put together an entire dance concert as their senior thesis. It includes creating choreography, auditioning dancers, doing all the publicity, and figuring out the entire technical plan for the actual performances. And I have no doubt there's even more work than that. These concerts are a big deal and the seniors put a lot of work into them. I made it into the concert this semester!! I'm rather happy about this... auditioning last year was rough, which wasn't entirely surprising. It was my first year in the program, after all, plus I was recovering from surgery for a broken wrist. I got all kinds of discouraged last year that I would "never" make it into any piece, but lo and behold, I did this time. I'm very grateful for this!

I'm still figuring out my work schedule for this semester, too... I'm hoping (and kinda needing) to work 30 hours a week. I hope I'm not being too optimistic, in typical Jessi fashion, with this goal. In order to make ends meet, though, I need to make it happen. We'll see. I'm still shifting around my schedule and figuring out priorities, trying to find the "perfect" balance between school, work, my swing troupe, a social life, and the ever-elusive me-time. It's always a work in progress...

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