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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The countdown begins

Forget March Madness. What about October Madness?!? October is not typically nutso, but this one is crazy! I have midterm exams, a solo to choreograph, papers to write, a grand opening at our new performing arts building, performances to go see, master classes to take... all this squeezed into an already crammed schedule of regular classes, rehearsals and work.

When I get home from work in the evenings, usually around 6 o'clock or so, I have about an hour to two hours to kill before I have to head off to some rehearsal. I can't tell you how much I want to join my roommate on the couch to catch all the new fall shows. Or cook dinner! I miss cooking. Cooking these days doesn't go much beyond grilled cheese, instant soup, or bulls-eye toast (the toast with a hole cut out of the middle where you fry an egg). No time for TV or cooking shenanigans, no ma'am! I fry up my egg or heat my soup and march myself to my bedroom to scarf dinner while working on some paper or assigned reading. What a good li'l student I am, eh?

Ah well. The song and dance of a college student. At least I love what I'm doing in school! (That's probably what gets me in front of my computer or in the studio in the first place, instead of parking it on the couch.)

Oh! On top of it all, its HALLOWEEN!! I have 30 days to figure out what I'm going to be and get a costume together. This is serious business, folks. Halloween is in the top 5 of my fave holidays, and it just might trump Christmas. One friend sent me a link to an Olive Oyl costume (from Popeye). Not sure about that one, unless I had someone to be Popeye. But JBF doesn't do dress-up. (I love JBF, but c'mon, where's his sense of fun and adventure and make-believe?? So lame.) I can't be a zombie a la "Thriller" because I've been there, done that. I've also been and done an angel, a gypsy and a pirate. Think, think...!

Anyone have any cool, fun, easy and cheap suggestions?? We're working with a small budget, very little time and very few sewing/crafting skills here, but there's got to be something cool despite the limitations.


  1. you can be a treasure troll! Get a tshirt- glue a huge rhinestone on the tummy and stick a pillow underneath and somehow stick your hair straight up!

  2. or you can join me in being characters from JEM!