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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Two days ago I auditioned with Diavolo Dance Theater, who are the guest artists performing at CSU's University Center for the Arts Grand Opening next week.

Before we started dancing, Jacques Heim, Diavolo's artistic director, gave us a little pep talk. Essentially, he talked about sacrifice and what it means to make sacrifices as an artist. Or rather, an artist who makes their art their career.

I listened with rapt attention. What he said resonated in me. He articulated what I feel inside my heart when I think about my life and future as a dancer.

He told us that as artists, we will make all kinds of sacrifices for our craft. These sacrifices may center around money, time, relationships and a slew of other things. We will struggle with money, as most artistic careers are not accompanied by tons of cash, except for the lucky few. Weekends or days off become non-existent. We may put certain relationships on hold (I think of marriage here) in order to pursue our art. And while those around us may think us crazy, self-centered, delusional, etc., for making such sacrifices, he said that any sacrifices we make are worth the world and more to those of us called by art. We need our art to live, to breathe, to experience life at its fullest.

I wanted to yell out "amen!", but held back in order to not draw attention to myself.

I'm no exception to making sacrifices to pursue this life. I sacrifice money (see my previous "Money Matters" posts). I sacrifice time to myself, time with friends and family, time to sleep, cook, shop, read, watch TV, write, etc. I've sacrificed forging ahead to Married-Land so I can focus on school and my career.

(Sidenote: I used to be the typical late-twenties gal who would freak out about meeting Mr. Right, settling down, and having kiddos. Since I've embarked on this dance career adventure, I've since tossed those ridiculous fears out the window. And honestly? I'd rather do what I'm doing and wait a little longer to have a hubby and kids. I LOVE my life.)

So yes, I make sacrifices everyday, and based on what Jacques said, I will continue to do so as long as I decide to keep riding the train that I'm on. I might as well get comfortable because my stop won't arrive for awhile yet.

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