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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday and the lowdown on the Diggety

I'm slowly starting to feel like a normal human being again. The fact that it's Friday and only minutes away from the weekend doesn't hurt a bit. I escaped the office cave this afternoon and worked from home. The day has been deliciously hot, and the entire weekend is supposed to be, too. That's good news, as sun is a BIG therapy for me... and that works out well since most of my Saturday and a good part of my Sunday will be spent outside. Hot diggety!

Speaking of diggety, let's throw back to 1996, shall we? Let's give a listen to a little ditty by Blackstreet, Teddy and the original rump shakers, kicked off for us by the Doctor himself...

This, my friends, is the jam that inspired my nickname. My hip hop teach and mentor, D, still loves to sing his version when I walk into the room... "I like the way ya work it, J-Diggety..."

And P.S.? I had never seen this video until this summer, and when I saw that they have puppet versions of the Blackstreet boys, I giggled like a little girl. That freakin' entertains me to no end... and it doesn't take much, folks...

Peace out and happy Friday.


  1. lol- I love that song!

    way to throw back to the oldies!
    (oh dear, the nineties are the oldies we're getting old)

    I never put two and two together that that's where the nic came from- love it!

  2. Play on, playette.

    By no means average ... as long as she got to have it!

  3. This song will be stuck in my head for days now. My husband is going to love that. :)

  4. flippin love that song...

    takes me back to the 7th grade when i was freak dancing with my boyfriend at the time at every school dance. i was so cool ;)

    have a good weekend darling!

  5. East side to the west side
    Pushing phat rides, it's no surprise..

    no doubt!

  6. music I am listening led me to my first blog entry