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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Popping in...

… but first, some housekeeping. I know I've been seriously MIA from my blog as of late. I think about it and feel guilty about it sometimes, but I trust that most of my bloggy luvvers are cool enough to understand that life happens and sometimes I'm going to be more on the down-low. And then there are peeps who I might have to put in the “hater” category. Someone commented about my absence-of-late on my previous post that got my hackles up a bit. Quote: “'s like you meet some guy and off you go...” Here's the deal: yes, I have a new fella hanging around, and yes, I'm directing some of my sparse time and energy to him. But you know what?? That's what you do when you start dating someone. You spend time with them. That's how a relationship is developed. And my desire to spend time with a real human being may take priority over blogging sometimes, but that's how it is. Don't be a hater, yo.

Now that that's off my chest, I can update the rest of my cool-like-that bloggy luvvers...

Lots is goin' down in Jessi Town. Of course there is too much to break down play by play, but here are some highlights....

My mind is in the Windy City more and more these days. Does this mean Chi-town is my destiny? Perhaps. But there are many doubts and questions, too... a recent one being could I live through brutal, months-long grey winters?? I have a difficult time as it is when it gets gloomy here for any prolonged periods of time (read: like a week or so). Remember my depressed, whiny rants back in June when Cali was sharin' it's June Gloom with sunny Colorado?? Visit my June archives if you need a refresh. It ain't pretty. I adore the sun. It might get to be 3 degrees in the dead of winter here, but the sun will still be shining, and that keeps the I-want-to-poke-my-eyeballs-out-its-so-cold maniacal thoughts below the boiling point for me.

I've been feeling discontented and restless and impatient and frustrated with dance at CSU – I have a feeling this a big contributor to my creative block, which I'm still friggin' fighting with... I get this sense that I'm approaching some decisions in the immediate future. Earlier this year I started an application to transfer to a different school in Colorado, but upon making CSU Tour Company for this year, along with a couple other things, I decided to stick around. But thoughts of change have been looming again. Changes are happening in the program here, changes that don't really fit into my grand master dance career plan, so I can't help but wonder if the next step is elsewhere... Is it at another school here in Colorado? Is it Chicago? Is it something else entirely that doesn't involved school?? Omg, the thought of not finishing my dance degree freaks me out a little. It challenges my pride and determination to prove all the naysayers who doubted that I mean business back when I started this adventure a couple years ago. But I also know that one does not need a dance degree to be a dancer... SIGH...

The fella... I hesitate to divulge too much here, only because I'm a bit superstitious. I have this thing where I don't like to say too much until something is more official, for fear of jinxing it. So, I'm going to withhold details for a wee bit longer... but know that I'm happy, having fun, and I like this handsome fella, who seems to return the sentiments. He's also a hella-busy college student (getting his PhD!), so we see each other spontaneously when we can. It's def not a “normal” dating schedule. For example, as I settled on the couch last night with some reading, thinking I was flying solo for the night, he surprised me by showing up at my door at 11 pm, saying “get dressed, let's go get a drink!” So much fun - a guy after my li'l adventurous heart! To be continued, I hope... ;)

I could go on and on with the random mess of goings-on in my head, but I must attack the massive to-do list for the day... still miles to go before I sleep, and it's already 4 o'clock in the afternoon...

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

xoxo Jessi


  1. "hater"? - - - (Sarcasm about the "boy", if anything i meant to support the point you just made) I am super glad that your time is being better occupied by this new friend. - nothing but luv, trust me. Next step, get over that block...... It's all gonna work out, I wish i could give you a small picture of how amazing I know you are, and how well your going to do,,, for those gloomy times.

  2. you shouldn't have to explain yourself. it's YOUR blog ;) Congrats on the "fella" ...cute!!!

  3. aweeee, you sound so happy! Now go and be in loooove. =)

  4. phD? yowza! get it get it girrl! don't stress off the silly hater what you want and have no regrets. good luck with mr. phD!!! yeeee!!!!