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Monday, September 28, 2009

My body hurts... thank god

This is going to be short and sweet, as I'm barely staying awake right now (I'm doing the one-eye-squint-at-the-screen thing), BUT, I wanted to quickly comment on my day of dance adventures...

Taking into account that I'm already sore and stiff, that I keep finding random bruises and bloody toes, I will say that I finally friggin' danced today. Okay, I dance everyday, but I'm usually just tired from a long day, not in full-body pain. I'm def in full-body pain, and it's glorious.

Ummmm, should I be concerned by this mentality???

Now, before you refer me to some nut-house, just know that my Chicago dance boot camp adventure is the bar I'm measuring everything against... see my July archives if you want to read all about it again, 'cause I know you do ;) ... where I was popping ibuprofen like candy and investing some serious cash in those stick-on Icy Hot patches... thanks to Chicago, my mentality now is if I'm not beat up and waddling around in pain, then I ain't dancin'.

Hot diggety, I danced my tookis off today... now where is that ibuprofen bottle??


  1. Work it lady! I love it!!!

    Feel better though!!

  2. I always feel like I haven't worked out hard enough if I'm not sore, when I'm working out that is, so I feel you!

  3. dancing every day...what a life!!! shake it girlie and then rest up so you can shake it all over again.

  4. I love that feeling of good pain! It's the best, just pop a few ibuprofens hehe!!

    Keep it up!! You are doing such an amazing job!

    Have a great night!

  5. Aw, this sounds like Save the Last Dance! And I feel like every girl wants to be that girl! I wish I could dance!!