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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neon nostalgia

Remember the time when I talked about my dance adventures in my blog??? There's been so much going on in my life between break-ups, injuries, torturous visits to the dentist and becoming a business gal, that I almost forgot about my numero uno activity!!

I kid, I kid...

But really, I don't want you to think I'm giving up the tights and stage makeup for face cream and my own business cards... no no no. I will be rocking the two like I have a split personality.

So, yes, DANCE! In a couple weeks I will be teaching swing dance to teenagers at a local ballet studio's summer intensive. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will open doors to future teaching gigs there. I absolutely love to teach and share my love of dance. I'll also be teaching MJ's Thriller choreography to a group at my church, who will to teach it to kids in Nicaragua while on a mission trip down there this summer.

Oh MJ, how I heart you so...

AND! The current dance project I'm involved with has me so. excited. I can hardly stand it... you've all seen these YouTube clips of flash mob dances, right??

Sound of Music at Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium

Oprah's Kickoff Party with the Black Eyed Peas in Chicago, Illinois

That's right, y'all... li'l ol' Fort Collins, Colorado, is joining the Flash Mob ranks this Friday night! Now, it won't be nearly as big as Antwerp or Chicago as far as numbers go, but it's going to be pretty sweet. In celebration of downtown Fort Collins square's 25th anniversary, there is a big "square" (versus block) party, "Party... Like It's 1985"! There will be break dancers, a dj spinning old school 80s jams, and everyone is encouraged to rock their favorite 80s look. OH. MY. GAWWWD!!! I can't even begin to tell you how flippin' excited I am... I'm literally bouncing in my seat as I type this!

The flash mob dance we have planned to surprise the masses is complete with a menagerie of MJ moves, dance moves from Footloose, and our own stuff to Queen's We Will Rock You. [Disclaimer: don't worry, I'm sure most of the northern Colorado community doesn't read my blog, so the secret isn't out until we bust our moves...]

Ummm, can I tell you about my outfit?!?! [Insert teenage girl squeal here.] So, I'm not exactly in looooove with some of the 80s trends that are returning to fashion (shoulder pads?? gross), but I am seriously digging the neon. My outfit for this par-tay is giving me hardcore nostalgia... rubber neon bracelets, neon pink hoop earrings, leggings, leg warmers, off-the-shoulder top with neon splatter paint all over it... those were the days! I was mesmerized by all the neon accessories at Claire's the other night. I think I freaked out the store clerk with all my giggling and excited muttering, lol!

I know I leave you all hanging with my lack of personal photos most of the time, and you're always asking for dance vids which I never deliver... BUT we have film crews for the flash mob shenanigans and rumor has it that it will be posted up on YouTube. So have no fear, I will be rockin' MJ's moves in all my neon glory for all the interwebs to see... stay tuned...


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