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Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving right along

Busy, busy 'round here at Better Late Than Never, wrapping up the semester and planning my summer.

My leg is getting better and better... I danced in the final concert of the semester, which was last weekend. It felt so great to dance again. The leg is not 100% recovered - getting to 100% is going to take a little while longer - but it's getting strong and more bendy with each passing day.

My heart is also getting better with each passing day. Dancing again, along with the amazing support of friends and family, is reviving my spirit.

The money situation is still no bueno, but I'm still working on a game plan... seeking help with some financial pros, applying for scholarships... things are still very high up in the air, but I'm not quite as freaked out about it. What will be will be.

Sorry this is so short and sweet, but work beckons... Happy Monday!



  1. I am so happy things are looking up for you! And hooray for dancing! Any pictures of the concert? I'm sure you were awesome.

  2. Oh I'm glad you're feeling better, physically and mentally ...and that you were able to dance the LAST DANCE ;) will come. it always does

  3. I knew things would get better! And 2 out of 3 ain't bad! I bet everything will gradually work itself out. I'm glad to hear your leg is getting better!

  4. Hi, i just came across your page. I've been following your blog but since I have sucked lately at blogging myself, I haven't been able to keep up much with the reading. But I'm catching up on yours.

    So sorry to hear about the break up but glad to hear you are doing better as well as your leg.

    The break up part kinda got to me because I'm also recently divorced and that also happened very unexpectedly. Sad and depressed is as much as can be explained at the moment still, eventhough her decision to walk out of our marriage happened over a year ago. It still hurts like hell, but time heals.

  5. Big prayers going up that you continue to heal and the finances all line up!