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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet, sweet soreness

I'm happy to say that I stuck to my guns last night, and despite dinner plans with Mom, I got down to tae-bo business when I got home. No excuses allowed... "I'll be too full from dinner", or "it will be late and I have other things I should do..." I ate small portions and brought the rest home. I got home at 7:30, so it was definitely not too late. And yes, plans to continue organizing my stuff for this weekend's garage sale got sidelined, but I didn't (and don't) care. My mood was a 180-degree turnaround post-workout from the crabbypants I was beforehand. Game on.

It's amazing how quickly you lose it when you don't use it. I was huffin' and puffin' through those kicks and punches, and the stretch session afterward was humbling. But I pushed and breathed through, and today I have some seriously sore muscles to show for it... and I love it! I may be keenly aware of muscles I haven't used in awhile, but I'm one happy li'l camper today.

Tonight I continue my mission and will head to the dance studios to work through ballet barre, Horton exercises (a form of modern dance technique), and any stretching my sore muscles will allow. And then I get to enjoy dinner and a margarita with friends later... life is good.

xoxo J


  1. I feel you on the sore muscles, enjoy the margaritas with friends!

  2. I love Horton! Man, of all dance that one gets me in shape the quickest.

  3. Margaritas just sound soooo good right now. :)

    Have a fab day.


  4. OMG, I haven't done Tae Bo since college. I need to bust those out again! Way to be lady!

  5. Love that picture, and well done you for getting to tae bo!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  6. I'm sorry to say I've been out of the loop in recent weeks, but I"m glad you hear you're still at it! Once again, fulfilling dreams for the "rhythm-impaired" like myself.

  7. sometimes sore muscles are EXCITING!

    i think i'll do taebo tonight. must do it. it works!