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Friday, October 15, 2010


Good grief, Friday, what took you so long!?

I hate hate hate weeks where I wake up everyday thinking it's farther into the week than it really is. Makes me crazy!

I have no epic plans for this weekend. I'm simply happy that it's the weekend.

Oh, I'll do things...

Like sleeeeeeep!

Take my sweet time getting out of my sweats and into real clothes, then eventually venturing out to shop a little for some real clothes.

My shopping bags will say "Ross" on them, but a girl can dream...

Continue watching the Firefly series (I love the movie Serenity and finally started watching the series the movie was based on, per many friends' suggestions), and hopefully catch up on Grey's and Gossip Girl episodes online... as usual, dance rehearsals cut into my TV shows. The nerve!

Maybe go to the gym for some cardio kickboxing goodness, but sleep might trump this plan since the class is on Saturday morning...

Read. Write.

Cook something scrumptious. My meals are quite basic during the week (I'm talking sandwiches, canned soup and eggs cooked in various ways) due to one tightly-crunched schedule, so I like to get crazy in the kitchen on the weekends. I've been craving squash and cinnamon and cardamom and wine, so we'll see what ends up on the table...LOL... so me during the week
(Both images from We Hear It)

A string of rehearsals on Sunday. Which means I won't get out of my sweats on Sunday.

Any epic plans for your weekend?

Happy weekend, my lovelies!

xoxo J


  1. No epic plans for moi. I ran errand with the dude yesterday and he fell in love with a puppy. Uh oh.

  2. My epic plan for the weekend was SLEEP LONG HOURS. And believe it or not I did accomplish that! ;) :D

  3. speaking of gossip girl...was it a rerun this week? it didn't show up on my DVR and i almost freaked out.

    glad i could make you laugh today but i give all credit to brett favre and his dirty peen. lol.

  4. My husband is obsessed with Firefly. I have to admit the Serenity movie was pretty good.

  5. Fun plans! I love cooking on weekends too. Also a few friends and I just started a movie club and our first movie series is Firefly! (They had all heard of it/seen it before so I was the newcomer). But, it's such a good show and I am really enjoying it!