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Monday, October 25, 2010

My happy place

The wind is howling outside. If it were summer, I'd be worried there was a tornado on it's way! Today was so cold and it was so gray this morning, it just broke my heart... so it begins, *le sigh*. Several months of cold, bleary, dreary, gray yuck.

Okay, I'm leaning a bit to the dramatic side... this is Colorado, which means Thanksgiving could be in the 60s - heck, even Christmas could have freakishly warm weather like that! - and the sun prevails the majority of the time, even when the temps are in the single digits. I'm very tired, so my drama meter is running high. Bear with me.

I was at the studio tonight, of course, but instead of regular rehearsal, we were running tech rehearsals in preparation for the latest dance concert, which will take place at the end of this week. Choreographers have been calling extra rehearsals as show time draws near, per the norm, which means I'm packing even more into my already tight schedule. I'm exhausted. I'm incredibly sore. I'm bruised and banged up. My feet have floor burns and bleed if I don't keep them bandaged (gross, but the life of a dancer... we do not have pretty feet). But I am happy.

I dread the cloud that settles upon me during winter, growing a bit darker each day until spring reappears, but I realized something tonight. Dance helps me fight that dark cloud. When I'm inside my little dance universe, I'm transported to a happy place. The cold, blustery, gray yuck outside can't touch me. I walk through the doors, inhale and exhale my first few dance breaths and it's game on. All the yuck outside fades and is forgotten.

Despite my stress, exhaustion and pain I was reminded today of my happy place. And I am grateful.

Bisous, bisous!


  1. I am so excited for you!!! Photos of the show, please?

    And I hate when the bottom of my feet peels. SHowering is the worst when that happen!

  2. aww dear. I wish you all the luck with the concert on Friday. Soak your feet & be careful!! I'm not looking forward to the winter either. I hope it stays warm for as long as it can!! Keep dancing!!

  3. I would love a little cold grey weather around these parts. It's damn hot here. ugh.

  4. You are inspiring me to find a happy place of my own where I can retreat whenever I feel overwhelmed!! :P

  5. That's why hubs moved to Florida. Too much darkness. It's wonderful that dance provides you with light!