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Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm a junkie... but it could be worse

I definitely took up residence in Funkytown earlier this week. An exceptionally snarky visit by Aunt Flo plus relentless gloomy, rainy weather did not a happy Jessi make. I know the exact solution to shaking my grumpypants, but when I feel like crap and the weather is dark grey and soaking wet - for days on end, ahem - well, all I want to do is park it on the couch with some B&J's Dulce Delish!

Mmmm, craaaack...

Not a good combo when you have your first cardio kickboxing class to plan. Or accomplish any of the other 37 things to get done by Friday. Yanno.

But then a li'l 30-minute core conditioning lunch-hour class broke the spell! It was all I needed to remember that I'm a ninja who can't be kept down. Two lessons learned here:

#1. A quick sweat sesh is kryptonite to Unmotivation. Life bombards us with a gajillion reasons not to go for that run/bike ride/hit the gym/pop in that Jillian video/dance around the house like the next So You Think You Can Dance candidate (yes, this counts... and yes I do this). And the Excuse Monster is Unmotivation's bestie, so beware. Even 20 minutes of anything that gets the blood moving will roundhouse kick those two square in the family jewels... so in the words of my fave brand, JUST DO IT.

My M.O.

#2. I'm an endorphin junkie. But really, I already knew this.

And to bring this mood turnaround full circle, imagine my surprise when I apprehensively peeked out my curtains this morning and saw blue sky and SUN - I think I audibly squealed. So yeah, I guess I'm a UV/vitamin D junkie, too. Ah well, there are worse addictions I suppose.

And speaking of SYTYCD... t-minus 6 days y'all... BOOM.

Happy Friday loveys!



  1. Ha I try to stay away from any kind of ice cream. ;)

    Happy weekend. :)


  2. You've inspired me to both work out AND eat ice cream tonight!

  3. omg! it's been exactly the same here in nyc re the grayness of the weather - and FINALLY yesterday the sun came out. was in a total funk myself. pulled myself out by getting in the kitchen and trying a new recipe - my favorite cure.

    so glad to see you're still blogging & pursuing your dance dream - i remember you from when i started blogging a couple years ago, but quit for a while.

  4. yes! it used to be called baking epiphanies. so great to reconnect! :)