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Friday, June 3, 2011

Packed with a punch

The week was short and sweet but jam-packed full o' goodness.

Numero uno: it is officially summer, y'all... wahooooo!

Okay, maybe not technically until June 21st, but whatevs... June 1st rolls around and it is officially summer in my mind.

Numero dos: Ballet Club is LIVE! Those of us dancers who stay in the FoCo over the summer get together to do ballet and other dance, yanno so we stay in shape and prevent losing all the fierce technique we fought so hard for during the year, [obviously] dubbing it Ballet Club. This year I want to get t-shirts made... Anyone know of any cheapo tee-design websites?? And P.S., you don't use it, you lose it. I am out. of. shape. yo. Well hello there, dance muscles.

Numero tres: SYTYCD! I rarely watch TV but this one I arrange my schedule around, if possible. As cheesy as it may sound, the show completely inspires me... many of those dancers are uh-maaaazing. And truth? It was Season 4 that inspired me to march my little patooty to the CSU Dance Department and sign up. Can't wait for the Vegas call-back show next week.

Numero quatro: Cardio Kickboxing and Strength. This is the group fitness class I teach on Friday mornings. I channel my inner Billy Blanks and do my best to do him proud. My bf (yes, there is a bf on scene... see #5 below) is such a trooper and attends my classes. Um, coolest bf ever! I love teaching... no matter how groggy or not in the mood I am when I roll out of bed on Fridays, after class I am bouncing off the walls and the effects last all day. Every Friday so far = best mood ever.

Numero cinco: Boyfriend. Hmm, whaddya want to know?? We officially started hanging out in February, Valentine's Day to be exact... I know, I know, barf right? But it was not an official Valentine's date - it was very spontaneous and unplanned and involved a romantic dinner of Five Guys burgers. But he's awesome. Really and truly. I mean, the guy attends my fitness class, and that's just the tip o' the iceberg. Something HUGELY awesome about him is the nonstop laughter. We are so dorky and silly together and we make each other almost-pee-our-pants laugh. MUY importante, mis amigos. So now that I've let the cat out of the bag, maybe you'll hear more about him from time to time... stay tuned!

That is all. I will leave you with a video that the bf, whom will be known as Homeboy from here on out, posted on my FB wall last night. He says it makes him think of me. He often comments on my seemingly boundless energy. I guess he's right, but I never really thought about it: I don't stop moving. Enjoy!

Happy weekend, lovelies!



  1. Yay! I love to hear about love. Picture?

  2. Happy love story! Yayyyy!!!!

    And all the rest of the dance stuff too of COURSE. :)

  3. Thank God you're only channeling Billy Blanks and not Tony Little. Kudos on the teaching that class!