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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, the first days...

Happy New Year!!

Like many, I love the spirit of the new year, the feeling of a clean slate promising new beginnings, new opportunities, renewed goals...

Of course, several goals and challenges for myself are swirling around my head, yet to be put down on paper. That makes them more official, of course. I don't like to call them "resolutions". With the bad rap resolutions get, "goals" seem more organic and open to revision later in the year, yes? Silly semantics, I know, but it works for me, so go with what works, right?

But before I get to that, let's see what my first few days of 2012 involved...

Day 1
My first ever live Bronco game!! I know, I know... I'm well aware of our shortcomings this year - and why, HOW did we make it to the playoffs, just to be massacred by the Steelers next Sunday?? Oy... But I stick by my boys because I am a TRUE fan, none of this mamby-pamby, wishy-washy, I'm-going-to-bail-and-pick-a-team-that's-winning-this-season BS that some people I know have done. Two words on that: lame. sauce.

Anywho, some pics...

Us true Bronco fans still call it what it should be called, Mile High Stadium

Sorry for the sun glare - but look how close we were! Eighteen rows up!

At least the sunset was pretty... prettier than how our offense played (summer training camp, eh boys??)

Day 2
Boyfriend's birthday celebration! Can you believe that he's never had a birthday party?!? Yes, true story. Apparently birthdays are not important in his family from what he tells me. Case in point: he spoke with his mother and sister via Oovoo yesterday and they didn't remember it was his birthday until he reminded them. Total sacrilege in my world, omg. So I took it upon myself to throw him his first ever birthday party, which I made a surprise party, of course. He had no clue and was 100% surprised. I win!

I only snapped a few pics as I was running around playing hostess...

A simple but delish spread

He looks as if he's deciding if my funfetti cupcakes are safe to eat, lol!

Day 3
Today has just been back to business, with working, returning to teaching my beloved cardio kickboxing classes and a li'l blogging. The latter takes care of one of my goals: giving my little corner of the blogosphere some serious TLC. My 2011 blogging record isn't the most stellar. Let's see how 2012 goes.

Any exciting adventures for your first days of 2012?



  1. It was the Best First BDay Party EVER :* Thank you Girlfriend

  2. That is so sweet you go to throw him his first birthday party!

  3. Gah! I cannot believe your boyfriend has never had a birthday party before - insane!

    Happy, Happy New Year! :)