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Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't think just _______ (insert goal here)

The biggest priority in mapping out my New Year Goals was to make sure they're manageable, realistic and not going to be some distant memory come February 1. I tend to dream big but I also suffer from analysis paralysis. If I get overwhelmed, I tend to freeze up and jump ship. Not this time. Baby steps.

Jessi's Goals to Get It Done in 2012

A couple things here... One, continue to reclaim my desire and passion to dance (see previous posts for background info on this one). I have a feeling that this will be expedited by simply by getting myself into a studio and/or class. Two, return to my roots. Once upon a time I was swingin', hip hoppin', African dancin', Capoeira-in'... My roots are calling me back.

My fitness is obviously intertwined with my dancing, so that's a given. Other little health things to make priority: remember to take my daily vitamins and supplements; up my daily fruit and veggie intake; be more creative with my meals-on-the-go and snacks, for both variety and nutrition. Allow myself ME-time sans guilt.

Write more... and get paid for it. I've decided this is the year I will finally begin freelance writing. My blog is included in this. This week I've approached my blog like a job, adding it to to-do lists, brainstorming future post ideas and making it a priority. It's amazing what a difference it's already made.

** Those of you who earn $$ from your blog, do you mind shooting me a quick email with tips, suggestions, resources, anything that might help me get started, as I'm clueless... Thanks!! mamalonglegs78 at gmail dot com.

Begin my freelance choreography career here in li'l Fort Collins, CO... because every big name or star starts somewhere. And not that I intend or hope to be a star, I just want to earn a living doing what I love.

I wasn't sure how else to categorize this one, but it runs the gamut: writing and sending thank-you notes, birthday cards, just because notes, via good old fashioned snail mail; actually picking up the phone and calling someone, instead of copping out via social media; weeding out pseudo-friends to make time for the real ones.

This one is BIG and the most important. This is the year I begin to knock out my debt with ninja fury. This daunting task will take me beyond 2012, but I have to begin. My finances are a hot mess and they have kept me bound and hopeless for too long. Oh yes, it is going to be so very hard and full of sacrifice and the word "NO", but so very worth it.

* * * * *

There you have it. So let's do this together, y'all. Let's encourage and support each other in our respective goals, giving each other some tough love when necessary. Because any lasting, significant change is never easy or convenient. As I say, DON'T THINK JUST DANCE. Substitute "dance" with whatever it is you are striving for. Believe me, it works. When I'm in an audition or about to go onstage and my nerves are threatening to make it all unravel, I say this to myself. When I stop [over]thinking and just DO it, the results are pretty spectacular.



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  1. Good luck with your goals lady and let me know how I can assist you!