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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Five After 5

Nowruz mubarak!
Happy {Persian} New Year!

The Persian calendar is different than ours and so their new year celebration is now! Last night I joined Boyfriend and other Iranians for a night of delicious food, dancing and great company to ring in their New Year. I'm absolutely exhausted today, but it was worth staying up for. What a fun night! Here are five shots I snapped during the festivities...

Items with specific significance to the holiday

Persian "Santa"

Because they swim over and around each other in cyclical patterns, the fish symbolize how life comes full circle. Consequently fish is the traditional food served on Nowruz, such as salmon... Sorry we ate your cousins, little buddies!

Someone was gettin' down so fierce I couldn't catch 'em on camera

Boyfriend's bromance dance

Nowruz mubarak everyone!
("no-rooz moo-bar-ack")