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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I still stand

Not surprisingly, the Kony 2012 video sparked some serious dialogue and heated reactions last week. I initially questioned whether I should have been so quick to post the video in my last post and jump on that bandwagon, so I took a step back to read and watch and listen.

Some arguments are valid food-for-thought and are causing me to pause. I think that's a good thing. Good points are being made. I don't disagree with some of them and I think it's important to keep processing. Hard questions definitely should be posed before sending your money off to some organization and organizations should be held accountable, absolutely.

But some of the hatred and anger incited last week is baffling to me and all I keep thinking is, isn't awareness the first step to getting people to move to action? How can someone act and do if they're not aware of something in the first place??

Invisible Children isn't perfect; no organization is. Maybe their approach should evolve to something better. And I realize that bad business is going down all over the world all the time, that this is just one issue out of many. But I still stand supporting this. I've met a girl who survived that crazy child soldier business and that shiz is real. Actual, real-life people with real-life stories seal the deal for me.

That is all.


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