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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hungry Dancer: Eating clean(er), week 1

Eating clean is still a work in progress. Snapshots of last week...

Does nonfat cottage cheese count?

A light li'l lunch

Bedtime Cheerios. Hey, it's whole grain oats.

Best Walmart discovery. Ever.

I will never 100% eliminate sweets from my diet - or bread for that matter - but I am making a legit effort to cut back the treats. Thus, mini on-the-go Nutella for the win. Here's to small victories!



  1. That Nutella! And I could never eliminate sweets, other. That would just seem wrong.

  2. As they say in France, "it's good for you!"

  3. Mmmm, that salad looks GOOD! Love me some sunflower seeds. And FF cottage cheese w/S&P is a total breakfast go-to, love it! Hurray for good, and good for you food.

  4. Keep it up Jessi ... I have been on a new healthy eating kick for about 7 months and have lost about 25 pounds. The key for me is to take every day as it comes. Not to think of tomorrow or next week or 6 months down the road. Keep it simple. Each day.

    Best of luck!!