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Monday, February 11, 2013

Smile and eat gelato

Oh hello, Monday, here you are again.

The weekend was very low energy, fighting fatigue and more pain. My left shoulder has consistently hurt for almost two weeks now, and every day another body part joins the party. Yesterday it was my right foot. Tomorrow it will be...? Oh the suspense!

I started my RA drugs last Thursday night - yay!! But I forgot how lethargic and blah they make me feel. I don't remember them hitting me this hard last year, yowza. I remember feeling tired the day or so after taking them, but soon bouncing back to my normal self. Fingers crossed that my body quickly adjusts.

Despite all of this, I'm so very grateful I have those little yellow pills again. Putting on deodorant, washing my hair, grabbing the oh shiz bar on the bus without wincing? Yes, please.

Despite just wanting to lay around in my sweats, drinking tea and reading books, life goes on and weekend chores had be done so the week has even a dash of sanity. Thank God for my husband and his strong muscles and big heart. Lugging around 15 or so shopping bags on and off the bus, and then several blocks home to our apartment, is probably not his idea of a relaxing afternoon. But he did it with a smile, and then cooked me dinner and made dessert. I am deeply touched but not surprised. He always jumps in to help me before I can utter a request. He is a good man.

On Saturday, after wrangling our budget for the month (a week late, oops!), he took me out on a date. He knows exactly the way to my heart: gelato. Samoa on top (yes, as in the quintessential Girl Scout cookie), nutella on the bottom. Best for last.

Love the patriotic cone paper. America.

I woke up feeling more human and less zombie today, hooray! Monday, let's do this. I know the gelato helped.

Here's to another full week...
Happy Monday!


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