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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life lately: August shenanigans

Howdy amigos!! Another installment of the one and only Life Lately Linkup, a la Blair @ Wild & Precious. My shenanigans as of late...


It was our one-year anniversary on the 12th, woot woot! We survived our first year, ladies and gents! Now it's smooth sailing from here on out. I kid, I kid... but seriously, I do feel that if we were able to make it through that crazy first year (and crazy it was) and still like each other, we're going to be alright. Love that man.

Vacation in DC

In celebration of our anniversary, we finally escaped the 'Burgh and headed to Washington, DC. It was wonderful! Beautiful architecture, monuments, museums... delicious cupcakes and crabcakes... naps and pool time and cuddles and more naps... It was the perfect balance of play and rest, which is just what we needed. I came back feeling legitimately rested and ready to jump into fall projects and adventures.

International Spy Museum = coolest. ever.

Another anniversary

The day after our anniversary marked one year of living in Pittsburgh. This is a bittersweet one, as some of you may know. I won't get into too much detail here, but I will say this: I still miss Colorado like crazy, I don't hate Pittsburgh like I did last fall/winter/spring, and I've decided to stop being apologetic that I'm not in love with this city. Just like the boys before the hubs, we're just not meant to be. And that's a-okay.


Sore flub muscles

Back to life in the 'Burgh means back to training! And back to training after a few weeks of not training means soreness galore. My flub muscles? My flubs are what I call my inner thighs. You know, the part that touches, the part that I'm perpetually obsessing over and trying to firm up. Lunges, zumba, squats, cardio kickboxing, and good ol' fashioned floor barre were on the menu this week. Must do the work, amigos--I can't be teaching my own classes without strong flubs!

This is one of the routines I do at home to work the flubs--check it out!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Whew, so much going on and so much on the horizon for fall! I'm excited for what's to come--squirming in my chair excited--and I will fill you in next time... But first! What have you been up to lately?? 


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