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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#31Days, Episode 2: Frankie + Hellzapoppin'

Hello friends and welcome to Episode 2 of #31Days to the Lindy Hop!

Real life, amigos? Today was not my day. I am just now sitting down to blog, right up against my bedtime. I am so worn out that my bones hurt. So. I'm going to postpone my story-telling for tonight, and instead share a little eye-candy. I hope you don't mind. I hope you understand. And I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do, and maybe even hit "repeat" a couple of times, just like I do :)

Watch for this guy. He's easy to spot by that huge smile.

His name is Frankie Manning. He's kind of a big deal. He shows up on the sidelines, sportin' those overalls, around :38, but then he shows us what's up at 1:14.

 Does that get you as jazzed as it does me?!

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you more about my first steps into the world of Lindy Hop.



  1. Yes! I love the Lindy!!!!! What a fun way to live. Should go back to swinging for sure.