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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Patiently" waiting, because I have no choice

I am not a patient gal by any stretch of the imagination. It's a virtue that's eluded me since I was conceived. But thanks to my employer's fiscal-year-end-check-withholding business that happens to us student hourly employees every June, I've been getting a lesson in patience this summer.

On the last day of the spring semester, I turned in my ballet written exam to my instructor (yes, we have written exams) and she strongly suggested I take ballet this summer. This was already on my summer agenda, but hearing it from my ballet teacher hit it home that I need as much practice as I can get if I'm going to succeed in the program. I was going to march myself to the local ballet studio and buy myself a punch card and get right to it, just as soon as I got my economic stimulus check from Uncle Sam & Co. and started working full time hours.

Wellllll, as usual, things didn't go quite as planned financially... Uncle Sam's check was less than hoped for because I didn't work enough last year to pay enough taxes (sigh). I couldn't start working full time hours until several weeks later. The money I did have went to other things like groceries, rent, etc. The basics, ya know. Blah blah blah... As far as money went, ballet classes were and are a frivolity.

How infuriating because, ironically, they're not entirely a frivolity. Compared to groceries and rent, yes. Considering they're to prepare me for my future career, no. It's all in the perspective. But every day that passes that I don't take a class just kills me. I just imagine all the technique and strength I built up over the last year is wasting away. Sure, I'm swing dancing, running, biking, hiking, etc., so I know I'm not out of shape generally speaking. But I'm out of dance shape and it bugs the hell out of me. Time is of the essence, since the studio's summer session is only 6 weeks long. This week will be the third week I'm missing.

This patience lesson hasn't been easy for me... but since my circumstances have lended no other choice, I have to just ride it out. I should, hopefully, with all fingers crossed and many prayers uttered, get that punch card next Monday and get myself back into those pink tights. I'll make the most out of the three weeks remaining. I keep telling myself that just because I'm catching the last half of the session doesn't mean all is lost. It's better than doing nothing at all. I'll also see what I can do about finding another studio in town that might offer classes later into the summer.

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