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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boots were made for walkin'... the snow!

I need me some snow boots, ya'll. My blue suede Pumas, as fly as they are, just aren't cutting it in the six inches (and counting!) of snow that's out there.

I know what I like and I've seen pairs out there that I'd like to buy, but my teensy budget is making a snow boot acquisition a little challenging. Maybe I'll get some birthday money that will help me get some boots... (yep, yours truly is entering a new decade come next Monday...)

Um, have I mentioned how much I'm loving the winter wonderland of goodness out there?? Whouda thought snow is the secret ingredient to help me feel a little happier and to rock the Christmas spirit a little bit...?!


  1. no snow here ...and sometimes I wish there was ...mostly so I could call in and say "I'm snowed in and can't leave my house" :)

  2. @ Maegan
    Oh we use that excuse all the time, lol!
    Thanks for the post - I don't get many, so that was a nice li'l surprise.