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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look, no hands! Wheeeeeeee!

It's October 1st!

And I'm already counting the days 'til November 1st... le sigh...

Don't get me wrong. I love October. VERY much. I adore Halloween, harvest festivals, caramel apples, hot apple cider, haunted corn mazes (omg, luuuuv haunted corn mazes), falling leaves, baking, carving pumpkins, scarves and sweaters wrapped cozily around my body... I think October would be a perfect month to get married in someday... similar to the way December feels with Christmas and New Year's, October has this magical feel for me...

But since I've returned to the land of college, October is the busiest - the BUSIEST - month. I hate it. My stress levels reach their all-time peak. And then I subsequently gorge on candy and junk food, and since it's Halloween month, there's plenty of that hanging around. I don't get enough sleep. And then my immune system goes to hell. And then I get sick. Last October, I got tonsillitis somethin' fierce. Right before the Student Dance Concert, in which I was dancing a solo. AND on the weekend that Mr. Prez Obama visited Fort Collins on his campaign tour. I was too sick to even attempt seeing him. I was pissed. Thanks, immune system.

I will not get sick this month, I will not get sick this month, I will not get sick this month...

My head is constantly spinning with all I have to do these days. I'm barely keeping track of it all. A few weeks ago this really frustrated me, as I like to have some sense of control of my schedule... but this week I realized that control is probably way out of my reach this semester. So instead of fighting it, I think the best option is to let go and just enjoy the ride.

I can tell I'm getting overwhelmed, because I really want to ignore my school projects (costume sketches, choreography...) tonight and just kick back with my magazines, a book I'm trying to read and just have some quiet me-time.... maybe I can talk the fella into giving my sore back and shoulders a rub-down...

Happy almost-Friday, right!??!

xoxo J


  1. Oh, I hear you girl, busy busy busy!!! DO NOT get sick because that would suck and then you would feel like shit like I do right now. ugh. Happy early Friday!

  2. Corn maze! (and you know just what voice I'm saying this in, hee hee). Take care of yourself and remember, sometimes you need the magazine and massage downtime in order for the inspiration to arrive!

  3. OMG don't get sick! :) I hope you can enjoy this October, even with all your busyness!

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  5. don't wish october away just yet! i'm also very busy and i know the month will fly by so i'm trying to savor each october day. plus i still haven't figured out what to be for halloween and that is crucial.

    let's hope you don't get sick because girl it sucks. i'm sick right now...bleh. make sure to airbourne it up!

  6. It might be a good idea to get out and so some social dancing.. shake it to the music.. no strings attached... you should hit up avo's in a couple of weeks...


  7. Make sure you get your rest lady! Totally kills your immune system if you don't. Been there!