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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random stuff and an award

Wow, the blog inspiration is just nowhere to be found these days... I don't know if it's my mid-winter doldrums or my busy-ness, or some combination of the two, but my mind has been blank when it's come to my blog as of late. I know I've promised a new weekly feature, and while I haven't jumped ship on it, I'm just not inspired yet. My creative intuition tells me it's still brewing and it will show up when it's ready...

I'm adjusting to no Internet at home... I either stay later at the office or the school computer lab to get my email/Twitter/Facebook fix, and when I'm at home, I'm finding other [more productive] projects... for example, I'm finally reading the Coco Chanel biography my wonderful BF gave me for my birthday (which was in, um, December). I've been feeling the cooking bug biting, so there shall be some culinary masterpieces here soon, mwah ha ha! And boxes of clothes, paperwork, and filing are beckoning me from the basement... I suspect some serious spring cleaning in my future! I do miss my shows... The Today Show, Food Network, What Not to Wear, Keeping up with the Kardashians (my guilty pleasure), Sex and the City reruns, Grey's Anatomy... but friends are coming to my rescue by inviting me over and there's always TV Shack and Hulu at the computer lab if I'm desperate...

Ugh, I'm so over winter and cold and snow and grey skies and colorless everything. Just about now is when I typically start itching for a vacay, somewhere warm, sunny and involving a beach. I've never made this fantasy reality - yet! - and I don't foresee it coming to fruition until after I'm a college student. And the more winters I go through unhappily, the more I wonder if said sunny, beachy vacation fantasies should be upgraded to future potential places to call home. Seriously. I need to keep this in mind when embarking upon my dance career, post-school...

And now to my very overdue blog awards! Well, it's really the same award from two lovely blogging gals, Melanie and Selma. I promised them last weekend that I'd repost their award "tomorrow", which was last Monday. I'm sorry ladies!!! I hope you forgive me :)

First off, THANK YOU to Melanie and Selma for passing this award on to me!! I'm always flattered when I get an award, as I just go about my business here in Blog Land, not assuming anything special about my li'l blog corner.

Part of receiving the award is to list 10 random things about me...

1. I adore the sun and warm weather.
2. I believe I'm a misplaced soul in that I was born in the wrong part of the world.
3. Retail therapy absolutely works on me.
4. The ASPCA commercials, the ones with Sarah McLachlan singing in them, make me cry. They make me want to adopt every single animal from every single shelter...
5. I have Chanel taste on a Walmart budget.
6. I have never traveled out of the country... this will change in the next 5 years, believe me.
7. I'm slightly germ-phobic. Not to the point of being OCD about it, but enough to say I have a "phobia".
8. I talk to myself... and when I catch myself doing it in the car, I pretend I'm singing so the other drivers don't think I'm weird, ha!
9. I'm very brand-loyal, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness. Nike. The North Face. Crest. Korres.
10. I want to be fluent in other languages... French, Italian, Russian, Greek, for example...

God, it's harder to think of 10 random things than it sounds. I've been given this award before, so I apologize if any of these are redundant!

Well, time to leave and head to the laundromat. A little nervous, considering #7 above, but there's a laundromat in town that I just found out about that seems all new and hip and clean and shiny... they even serve coffee from the 'Bucks! Their website makes it seem promising...

Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. You are so very welcome girl. :D
    I totally agree on #2...I am a misplaced soul as well. One hundred effing percent. And yay...I talk to myself too and then pretend I'm singing or talking on the phone while driving so no one notices my weirdness. lol

    Happy Sunday girl.


  2. I also agree you are a misplaced soul. You are actually an African Bush woman. We have already talked about this!