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Thursday, March 18, 2010


T-minus 2 days until it is officially Spring!! The weather here has been fabulous this week, very springy... but in typical Colorado fashion, another snowstorm is on it's way tonight and tomorrow. But it's okay! I can handle it! I'm not going to freak out with an I-hate-winter temper tantrum, lol! The snow is more tolerable in the spring... it doesn't stick around as long, we get a few warm days here and there that start breaking up the monotony of snow and cold.

This week is Spring Break. I've spent my time working and taking care of the BF, who had knee surgery last Thursday. He tore his ACL, among other things, playing soccer last summer, and finally got it all fixed up. He is doing great and recovering well, but was stuck in bed most of the week, so I assumed the role of domestic goddess for him... cooking, laundry, "nursing" (which really just meant changing his ice packs, popping in movies and reminding him to take his pain drugs... said drugs made him a bit loopy). He's up and slowly walking around now... and very determined to recover as soon as possible! He was such a good patient... and recovered much better from surgery than I did when I had wrist surgery a couple years ago (soccer breaks you). Anesthesia + Jessi = post-surgery puking. Fun times.

No dancing this week, but I've been doing my Tae Bo videos to keep moving. Billy Blanks is my hero, I swear. I'm starting to get antsy to get back to classes and rehearsals, though. Operation "Get My Chicago Legs Back" must be resumed - shorts/skirts/bikini weather is coming! [For those who weren't with me last summer, I attended a dance intensive last July in Chicago with Deeply Rooted Dance Productions, and while the overall experience went much deeper than how my body looked, I was rather pleased with the appearance of my legs after those four weeks...]

With the spring thaw comes a simultaneous creativity thaw for me... ideas and projects have resurfaced (remember this post?), new inspirations and ideas are forming... in general I'm starting to feel The Buzz stirring inside me... and it feels so good after a long, cold winter of nothing. There are things to do, business to take care of, places to see, adventures to be had...!!

Game on, Spring. Game on!!



  1. ACL, eh? Ouch! Anesthesia + Matt = post-surgery puking, too. No bueno when you can't even keep your pain pills down!

    This weekend's snow is really going to put a cramp in the resumption of my t-shirt-and-track-jacket wardrobe, but you're right, at least it melts faster in the springtime!

  2. Yikes, hope your BF feels better soon! Bring on the springtime, it's supposed to be in the 70's here tomorrow and then 35 Saturday, WTF Texas!! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. gah! you spring breakers make me so jealous. i miss those days...

    have fun!!

  4. Yay for the arrival of Spring! Though I'm sorry to hear about the BF's knee. I hope he gets better soon. It sounds like your Spring Break will be devoted to legs - getting your Chicago legs back, and nursing the BF's leg back to health. Wow! Does that sound slightly weird? :/