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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tummy aches and headaches

Spring Break ended and crap hit the fan the first day back at school last week. The Student Dance Concert opens this weekend, and guess who is a student director? Moi. My partner in directing crime, S, and I have been scrambling since last week to get this show on the road...

We suddenly had showings for the technical crew, press releases to send out, choreographer's to track down for program information and copies of their music, grueling 14-hours of rehearsal over the weekend, photos to take, master cd's to put together for the sound crew, reporters to contact, posters to create and print, technical rehearsals... and the list continues... choreographers are asking us for anything and everything... "Can you cut my music for me?" Um, seriously?? That's not my job!

I'm exhausted on every level. I'm a newbie director and most of the logistics I've had to figure out as I go, which I hate. I'm an easily stressed person to begin with, so disorganization and chaos do not do good things to me... I've had an ongoing headache since last week, my stomach is not functioning normally at all, and of course an angry little cold sore popped out on my lip last week. Pretty. I'm staying afloat purely by the support of my amazing co-director S, my BF (who keeps telling me that this is going to be the most successful Student Dance Concert of all time - thanks babe!), and the dancers who keep telling S and I that we're doing great.

Despite feeling like I've been hit by a truck multiple times, things are coming together and the show is solid. I am very excited for the concert itself - there are so many great pieces, including a sassy, sexy jazz number which I get to dance in. And a Michael Jackson tribute. I choreographed a piece, of course, and I'm quite pleased with it.

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. And the night before I had a dream that I went on stage without a top on, but didn't notice until a friend pointed it out to me when I came offstage. Um, this concert is not that kind of show. A bit of anxiety, perhaps??

Yes, it will all come together and everything will work out in the end - it always does - but I will be very happy when Sunday rolls around. Not that I don't have many more things on my plate after the show is over, but I'm very ready for my body to get back to normal...



  1. Sounds like you have everything covered. You'll do great! I can't wait to see pictures and a recap. Shows can be stressful, but the moment it's done that's when you know if it's the profession you want.

  2. Hey I just found your blog! I am intrigued by your story :) It's so cool that you had the guts to go back to school. And good luck getting everything done in time!