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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes... Part 2

Part two of our story is bittersweet...

Change #2: School and dance

A couple months ago I think I posted about my money woes and how they affect school... I can't specifically remember, but I only have a short time to write and can't go hunt my archives right now, so let's assume I did. The short of the long of it is that I'm out of money. I'm no longer eligible to receive financial aid and I'm behind on tuition from last year, which means I'm can't register for classes.

Okay. Then in a zippy unexpected twist, about a month ago I received a letter from the university saying that I have a "credit overload violation" for my current degree, which means I'm not allowed to register or receive financial aid. Um, credit overload violation, what?? I was not aware that this even existed. And I'm pretty sure that I should have been warned by someone that this was/is a possibility. Annoying to say the least.

Well, circumstances are what they are and I'm accepting them and figuring out a new plan of attack to keep dancing and training. Of course I'm disappointed. Of course I'm sad to miss out on the adventures and shenanigans that is CSU Dance. Of course I'm frustrated to not complete my goal of obtaining my dance degree. Of course I'm crazy worried about losing technique and strength and flexibility if I can't dance everyday. Dance is not something you can take a semester off from and return 4 months later, picking up exactly where you left off.


Its not the end of the world. A bachelors degree in dance is not the end and and be all of being a dancer. You don't need any kind of degree to be a dancer. So I will continue to train and take class and workout and choreograph and take class and train and choreography and take class... so I continue to move forward toward my goals and hopes and dreams. This doesn't mean I give up. It means I forge a new path.

Tune in tomorrow for part trois of the changes trifecta...



  1. You are so right! You can be the best dancer ever without a degree. It may be a long road but what dancing life isn't? I am so excited for you and your ambitious spirit!

  2. I enjoy your perseverance, unexpected circumstances can really put a damper on things, but it looks like you have the best attitude possible!