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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pedal Pusher

So. I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath since I last mentioned a pending change in my corner of the 'verse, so I am here to finally spill the beans. Last weekend I downsized from four wheels to two. No more car for me... I'm now a full-time bike commuter!

Most people ask "What happened??" with great concern, but this was a choice. The short version of the story is my youngest brother and his girlfriend are the lucky parents of the Cutest Baby Alive, my nephew. Life has been throwing them curveballs right and left, and one curveball in particular has been the inability to find a car that stays running for longer than a week. Cars are expensive, but when you have a little one a car is pretty much essential.

So I gave them my car. On Father's Day, I handed my brother an envelope with the keys and the title signed over to him. And then I asked him for a ride home :)

Sure, it's been an adjustment... I now only carry the essentials for my day – lunch, laptop, ballet gear, basic Avon business stuff and items to freshen up post-ride. Feel the burn, baby! I may be in shape, but any new activity requires muscles to be used in new ways - I was ready to call it a night by 9:30pm all last week and I’m not an early to bed gal. On Friday I calculated approximately how far I bike in a day, and it came to about 15 miles. Not bad. Oh, and the appetite! I’m a hunger monster anyway, but my food consumption has gone through the roof. The money I’m saving on gas and insurance may be traded in at the grocery store. Holy moly.

What was one of my biggest fears? Helmet hair, ha! But honestly, it's not been as bad as I expected. My bangs fluff back to life without too much effort. And my morning routine is much simpler, allowing me more time to snooze. There is no point in doing a full blowout or makeup face nowadays. Again, I was worried I’d be a hot sweaty mess upon arrival at work, but I change from biking getup to work-apropos outfit, dab on some powder and lip gloss, and I’m good to go. Thank the stars I work in a casual office.

Any inconvenience or adjustment on my part is far outweighed by the benefit to my brother and his li’l family. It was the right thing to do, so no regrets. FoCo is a very bike-friendly little city, so that helps tremendously, too. And you know I'm still sporting my girly style... hot pink Nike backpack; pink, black and white helmet; and my nails are still polished... today is sparkly red Ruby Slipper.

Wouldn't mind if this was the view on my commute...

All kinds of bike-related posts have been swirling around my helmeted head… such as beauty/fashion posts, potentially titled “Biker Babe Beauty” or “Pedal Pushing Pretty”… We’ll see what happens!

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Happy Monday lovelies!



  1. That is SO generous of you...and may I suggest badass babe on a bike? ha

  2. Coool!!! I organized The Roadmaster biking club here in my town (Boston). Indeed, biking is the glorious way to be happy,healthy and friend with the environment!

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever! Looking forward to reading about your biking adventures (er, biking BEAUTY adventures) and I'm sure in a couple weeks time your muscles will have adjusted and you'll be flying all around town. :)

  4. such and awesome thing for you to do for them!

  5. Wonderful!
    You're truly an inspiration! :)

  6. omg you're going to make me cry with your selflessness. That was the nicest thing on the planet. And in the meantime, riding that bike is going to get those dancing legs even stronger than they already are.

  7. p.s. I'm crying with Maegan. You are beyond selfless lady. Such a beautiful soul you have!

  8. That is pretty damn awesome. I don't think I'd have the cajones to go all-bike, but I tip my helmet off to you.

  9. That's so sweet! You definitely need a cute basket. x hivenn