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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, you lookin' fiiiiine

Twas a rough week! No major drama, just serious sleep deprivation. I spent the last week house and dog sitting a town away, which was a good samaritan thing to do to help out my friend, but I'm not gonna lie - I can't wait to get home tonight! I haven't really slept for about 7 nights now and I'm a hot mess. Every night it was something different... the pillows were tweaking my neck funny; the house was hot; the dog decided to bark and play around 3am; I babysat my 6-month old nephew overnight one evening, and the little guy still wakes up in the middle of the night for some grub. Got a little taste of mommyhood there... I will happily rock mommyhood someday, but I'm good with putting that off just a bit longer!

Still the reigning champ of the Cutest Baby Alive Award!

So, YAY weekend and being back home!! Friday is lookin' fiiiiine. What's on my weekend agenda?

Tonight... bed, sleep, passing out. End of discussion.

No sooner do I get home that I leave town again... Tomorrow I head to Denver for a joint birthday bash for some good friends I haven't seen in awhile. Many of the party-goers are hip hop dancers so the dance floor should be bumpin'. I miss that crew... If I'm not too distracted by the awesomeness that is sure to be demonstrated on the dance floor, I'll snap a few pics for le blog. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to jump in there myself. These peeps are legit, so we'll see.

Sunday is Father's Day of course, so I'll spend the day with my dad. This usually includes some bomb barbecue on his part, which will be the perfect cure for birthday dance party recovery.

And then it will be back to the grind before we know it, le sigh...

Ooh, and I have a li'l change happening over the weekend, so the next time I pop in I'll have some news... never a dull moment 'round here!

What are your weekend shenanigans??

Happy weekend loveys!



  1. :) to answer your question...Stroopwaffle.. a chocolate covered waffle that has carael inside and is round in shape, so you rest it on top of your cup of tea for a few minutes and the caramel melts a bit, mmmmmmmm

  2. The dude is almost three and he STILL wakes up in the middle of the night! haha

  3. Yeah, I love looking at kids from afar, but I think I can wait a bit, too :-) Your nephew is pretty damn adorable, though...

  4. Wow! Lovely!
    Hi baby, all of us are always here to support you. :)