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Friday, July 29, 2011

Nike doesn't pay me... but I sure wish they did

Best compliment I got this week: "Well, look at you, Biker Barbie! Even your bangs are peeking out oh-so-perfectly from under your helmet..." Two coworkers of mine commented on how cute and coordinated I looked, even while sporting a bike helmet and sporty duds. Seems silly, but it was perfect timing because I've been feeling less than cute lately. Dresses and heels just don't work very well on a bike (maybe a cruiser, but I zip around town on a mountain bike). I guess they had a point... I mean, my pink and white bike helmet, bright purple capris, Nike Eclipse kicks and hot pink backpack ensemble was pretty Barbie-esque. I can live with that :)

Nike. One of my fave brands by far. When I rock the Eclipse kicks, backpack with the big white swoosh and Nike tee all on the same day, its ridiculous. I'm a walking endorsement. I guess I'm a bit obsessed with the brand.

I may or may not have spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing the Nikestore site this morning, as well as You Tube stalking the Nike Women Channel (girl crush alert!). I do need new workout duds, especially since the amount of time I'm going to be teaching and dancing is going to increase exponentially here soon. And the You Tube stalking was work research... I'm looking for new exercises for the strength section of my Cardio Kickboxing & Strength class :)

Perfect for the studio this fall, no?? (minus the shoes, of course)

Role models

The girl in the white hoodie? That's Sofia Boutella. She's a bad ass. Ballet dancer turned b-girl... homegirl is legit. Her passion and fire and drive - and muscles! - are a total inspiration. I love, love, love this Nike ad from 2006, with Sofia just doin' her thang...

Ahhhh, Fridaylicious! Enjoy your margaritas, your bbq's and your couch time (I know I will!)... but be sure to mix it up with a solid sweat sesh or two :)

Images via Nike Women and Nike Women on Facebook
Nike is not paying me to show them off, unfortunately... I just love them.

Happy weekend lovelies!



  1. Well, maybe after this nice blog, they'll send you some random Nike stuff.
    Though I usually don't care about brand names, Nike usually makes some on-point products. L just got a new pair of pink Nike's. Pretty steezy..

  2. Now I'm feeling inspired to go buy cute workout clothes. I always wear a tee or tank and black stretch pants. Bor-ing! I love that Nike look you picked!

  3. Thanks for inspiring me to sweat lady!

  4. Even on a cruiser, heels and a skirt is just kind of ridiculous matter how many photos I see of it on the internet, lol. It's cute for photos and that's about it.

    Everyone needs a compliment every once in a while and Biker Barbie is kind of adorable!!!

    Speaking of stalking women, I'm kind of in love with USA women's soccer team, especially, Hope Solo :)

  5. whaaaaaatttt!!!! that sofia is my new shero! HANDS DOWN!!!