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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hungry Dancer: Garden Fresh

I love love love how easy it is to eat fresh in the summer, thanks to gardens and farmers markets. I'm particularly loving the bounty we're starting to get from our garden. My landlord went crazy with planting this year... We have two garden plots in our back yard, herb pots all over the back deck, and he even converted our front yard into a garden! Our grass was measly and pathetic anyway, so it's a huge improvement.

Lately we've been enjoying tomatoes (roma, cherry and a mystery variety), peppers and strawberries. This hungry dancer is in love - I had forgotten how intensely flavorful homegrown produce is! My mom is a tomato-phile so we had tons of fresh 'maters growing up, among a ton of other fruits and veggies. When I picked the first batch of strawberries from the front yard and popped one into my mouth, it was the perfect burst of sweet and tart. My taste buds were giddy with nostalgia - this is what a strawberry should taste like! I will never look at grocery store strawberries the same again.

I whipped up a quick and delish lunch for Fiance and I yesterday during our yard sale that featured veggies from our gardens....

Garden tomatoes

Is there anything better than fresh basil?

Well, besides goat cheese :)

The 'shrooms came from the grocery store

I warmed the whole wheat tortillas in a skillet for a hot second to soften them, added crumbled goat cheese, topped with the tomato and basil, finishing with a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper. Delish! I got rave reviews from Mr. Fiancé, too :)

What are your summer fresh favorites?

Happy eating!


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  1. Mmmmmm, that looks delish! p.s. I posted about a contest you might like lady! xoxo