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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pittsburgh first impressions

A smattering of random thoughts and commentary on my new city...

I nickname everything and everybody. I have no idea why I do this, but I just can't call people or things by their proper or full names. Apparently the correct nickname for Pittsburgh is "Pitts", not "Pitt". But I like "Pitt" better. Pitts makes me think of armpits. The other one I've heard is "the 'Burgh." I like this much better, so I will probably start referencing it as such.

Like I mentioned in  my last post, the architecture and greenery in this city are stunning! Between old houses, cathedrals and synagogues, it's a photographer's dream. Too bad my photog skills don't extend much beyond my Crackberry, but I've been able to grab a few decent shots...

Love love love all the bridges (that's Heinz Field in the background, home to the Steelers)
The Cathedral of Learning, this amazing, tall, historic, gorgeous building, part of the University of Pittsburgh

Food. This hungry dancer has been more than well-fed over the past week. I will save the juicy details for future Hungry Dancer posts, but here is one sandwich that dominated me...

That, my friends, is a Colossal Fish & Cheese sandwich from the infamous Primanti Brothers. We saw this restaurant featured on TV a couple months before we left Colorado and agreed to visit once we arrived. Their signature is piling whatever meat you choose with fries, homemade cole slaw and tomato. It was completely unhealthy and delish. And ginormous. I am barely clutching only half in my hand and that half was bigger than my fist! Needless to say, I took most of it home.

When it rains, it pours... literally. We quickly learned to carry umbrellas with us at all times. In Colorado, dark clouds will roll in, looking as if they are about to unleash the next major flood, but it's all a tease... almost as soon as they appear, they're gone and it's back to full-on sun. In Pittsburgh, if the weatherman says it's going to rain, it will. And it means business. I will be investing in a legit rain coat and galoshes in my near future.

Someone was a bit grumpy as we waited out the torrent

It's still surreal that I'm not just on vacation but actually living here. We're still hunting for a permanent place (another post in itself), which means we're still living out of our suitcases, so that doesn't help. I can't believe that I've only been a Pitt resident for 7 days! Feels like lots of time has passed since flying across the country and getting married (only a week ago!)... and speaking of, more on the wedding tomorrow!

Happy Monday lovelies!



  1. Hey Thx for the update, "Dancin girl" ......Up till now I thought only Georgs Bush and I were the only ones who nicknamed everyone !
    Keep up the blogs ! BTW there is a place in Springfield Ill that has a similar sandwich called a "horseshoe" a cardiologist's nightmare....or perhaps marketing strategy ! ....Roy

  2. great poost honey, nice to meet your blogg


  3. So happy for you! What a neat introduction to your new home. Can't wait to see more photos.

  4. I'm not a dancer, but this is making me hungry :-) UM, and CONGRATULATIONS! I definitely want to hear more about the wedding!!!