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Friday, August 24, 2012


My apologies for the delay lovelies... Following some trauma, my laptop was rushed to emergency surgery Tuesday morning. Turns out it needs a hard drive transplant (sad face). The IT surgeons tell me it won't be back until early next week, maybe. Meh.

But back to business... the wedding!

We did not have a full-out, typical wedding, but it was perfect all the same. We only got engaged on July 1. It was important to us to be married when we embarked on our new chapter in Pittsburgh, so we had to plan our big day before our big move. We're also a poor couple of kids - he's a student and I'm a dancer and a writer. Thank God for our amazing family and friends! Without them, there is no way we would've pulled it off.

Bestie hugs
People immediately stepped up, offering their time and services. Friends and fam made and brought food, organized details, decorated the park where we held our party, and helped make things like my bouquet and hair piece. My dress? I bought it at Marshalls. My shoes at DSW (I l-o-v-e my shoes, btw, and will be wearing them again and again). My colors/decor theme: peacock feathers. Love!

The ceremony was very small, including close family and friends only. We held it at the CSU Annual Trial Flower Gardens, which is across the street from the University Center for the Arts, where I've been studying dance over the last five or so years. It's a beautiful place!

We did it!
After, we headed to my friends' neighborhood park for our party. We wanted it to be both a wedding celebration and a farewell party, since we were leaving the state the very next day. The weather was a perfect sunshiney, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky Colorado summer day. There was dancing, lots of thank-you-for-coming hugs, and just good ol' fun. We were happy and exhausted by the time we made our grand exit (I thought since it was a low-key, nontraditional affair, we would be immune to being wiped out at the end... silly Jessi).

Oh, not to forget... It was important that we included elements of my hubby's culture into our celebration. In addition to Persian music and dance - we made our Mr. and Mrs. entrance to the party a dance to a traditional Persian wedding song - we also added a variation to the cake-cutting. Following the cake, we each dipped one of our pinky fingers in a small dish of honey and fed that to each other. It symbolizes the promise of providing a sweet life to the other. I like little personal touches like that.

My friend Melissa Mullins was our photographer and she did an amazing job! Check out more pics on her site. So good. I really mean that. Out of all the planning details for a wedding, good photography has always been my biggest priority and concern. Mel completely delivered! Thanks friend!

Hooray for getting hitched... and for Andy Warhol's art! (Mr. Warhol's hometown is the 'Burgh, btw)

All pics by Melissa Mullins Photography, all rights reserved.

Up next: apartment hunting adventures in the 'Burgh!

Happy Friday lovelies!!



  1. I'm so happy for you! You looked beautiful!

  2. Congratulations again!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Looks like you had a really beautiful day. Best wishes to you two in PA!

  4. Congratulations!The photos are lovely, the last one made me smile...