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Monday, December 31, 2012

It just got real

How could I forget? Or was it not so much forgetfulness, but fear??

Time to be real.

In my last post, I reflected on 2012 and how the year was not the easiest year I've ever lived. In fact, it was quite rough. Challenging. Trying. A big pain in the arse much of the time, to be honest. I also reflected on the good stuff, for there was good stuff in the middle of the muck. I did get to marry my best friend, after all! I thanked the amazing people in my life, family and friends alike, who helped me through this crazy year.

But you know what? I forgot the numero uno person responsible for the beauty amidst the pain... God.

I've never really mentioned Him 'round these parts. I've wanted to. I've wanted to throw God and Jesus into the conversation, but I always held back for fear. I kept it under wraps for fear of offending. Fear of losing readers, friends. Fear that my membership card in the cool kids' club would be revoked. Fear that I'd lose my street cred.

But no mas, amigos. Living a double life is exhausting. And not true to who I am. This is me. Yes, world, I am a Jesus follower.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that no more living life as a double agent. This blog is not evolving into a religious blog. It's still the same ol' blog talking about dance, fitness, food and life (with plans for more focused talk in the coming year, which I will discuss in tomorrow's post). My musings are just going to be more transparent. When I feel that God is doing something or telling me something, no more charades.

Time to get real.

Happy New Year, y'all!!



  1. You go girl! As a Christian, I am fully supportive of this. As a friend, and am happy you are being yourself.

  2. Good for you -- life is too short to spend it being someone you're not. Happy new year!! xoxo

  3. Good for you not being ashamed of your beliefs! Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you ladies! It felt good writing this post. I feel a weight was lifted and now I can just be me, take it or leave it. Crazy that I didn't do this all along, huh? :)