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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little dance, a little not

I know this blog is to share my adventures as a dance major, but some days I don't have anything new to say. Let's see, what can I come up with?

Modern went great today, although my poor feet and knees are still consistently getting beat up. Long gone are the days of pretty feet, ya'll. Doing a pedicure is pointless - the paint gets chipped and rubbed off, my toenails often crack and break... The most I ever do is keep the nails short and lotion my feet up so they don't crack and split, which has happened and hurts quite a bit. Lovely image, yes? :P Choreography was a little tough, only because Professor C wanted us to do all sorts of improv, but none of us had the energy or creative juices. We're all tired and ready for break! One more day - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

The weather outside is cold and wintry. Surprisingly, I love it! I'm not usually a cold weather fan, but people change moods, I guess. Itty bitty snowflakes keep falling, and I keep begging the clouds to just release them all on us! I want to go up to the mountains and go snowshoeing or sledding or something, then come home for something warm in my tummy... which brings me to the fact that the cold puts me in the mood to cook like crazy. I would totally love to make a batch of my winter minestrone, but I don't have the groceries or the funds to do it right now. Payday tomorrow, whew!

The weather also puts me in the holiday spirit... kinda hard to catch the spirit when it's 75 degrees out there, like it was yesterday. It's November and I live in Colorado, for pete's sake. Today I've wanted to cook, bake, listen to holiday music, go Christmas shopping, the whole bit. I should calm down - Thanksgiving first, Jessi.

I'm at work, so I guess I should get back to it. Ciao for now...

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