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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What day is it??

Thanks to being on Fall Break, I'm in a total time warp. This morning I was convinced that today is Wednesday, and yesterday I thought it was Saturday.

I have a ton of school work to do this week - two projects, a paper, and a journal - all due when I return next week. Have I started any of these yet? Nope. I panicked about that this morning, thanks to thinking it was Wednesday - "Omigod, it's Wednesday and I haven't started working on anything!!" So, when I get home from work this afternoon, it's go time.

Having papers and projects to do over over break is not ideal and negates the idea of a break, but I'm totally fine with it this year because it means I will have less to worry about come Finals Week. A couple of the things mentioned above were moved from finals week to next week by my teachers, and I was very happy about it. This means I should be done with finals before noon on Tuesday of that week - totally worth it!!

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