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Monday, November 24, 2008

Oopsy daisy

I forgot to post something yesterday! I was going to last night when I got home from hip hop, but got distracted and forgot. Oh well.

Hip hop was a little different than usual last night. My teacher, D, was out of town promoting a friend's hip hop documentary. The original sub teacher he had lined up was unavailable (L from the Bronx), so instead, we had a capoeirista come from Canto do Galo, one of the Capoeira schools in Denver.

I HEART capoeira. I wish to the dance gods that a school existed in Fort Collins, but no such luck. I would most definitely train if one did.

Lately I've been thinking ahead to next semester's Studio Night concert, the student-produced dance concert we put on each semester. I've been thinking about choreographing a piece that involves capoeira and African movement. This would be rather challenging, and when I think about it, I get overwhelmed because I'm thinking so big (in typical Jessi fashion). While I know some capoeira, my "training" is only the itty bitty tip of the iceberg. And I would never want to disrespect the art by pretending I know more about it than I really do. I will have to keep thinking on this, and talk to D about it, see what he thinks.

In the meantime, maybe I could make it down to Denver some Saturday for Canto do Galo's free intro class. Another opportunity to learn just a little bit more never hurts.

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