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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Geeking out, Jessi style

Nothing cures this sore, hungry dancer post-rehearsal than some grub, ice and ibuprofen, and science shows about animals and nature. Yes, this is my style of geeking out.

First was Monster Quest on the History channel. Tonight the MQ team was hunting for a huge shark in the Sea of Cortez that the locals claim are eating sea lions and taking bites out of whales. The monster has been dubbed the "black devil" by local fisherman. The question shark scientists are seeking to answer is if the prehistoric big daddy shark of them all, Megadolon, is actually extinct or still roaming the deepest parts of the sea that are rarely explored.

[OMG, did you know that the Mariana Trench off the coast of Guam in the South Pacific is so big that Mt. Everest can fit in there?!?!? Hot diggity!!!!]

Anyway, all the MQ crew found, however, was a ginormous whale shark, which are not carnivorous. So the sea lion and whale-biting monster is still at large in the Sea of Cortez.

Then I jumped over to Animal Planet to watch Planet Earth. They were showing scenes I've seen before: elephants trekking across the African Savannah in search of water, and battling with lions over a small water hole on the way to the oasis. The elephants rule the school during the day, but come nightfall, the tables turn and the big cats take the stage. One old elephant gets taken down by a pack of hungry lioness'.

There were new scenes, too... caves and the freaky creatures that inhabit them. I'm talking HUGE caves. Caves crazy ass people base jump into... as in free fall with a parachute for the sheer thrill. Two words for these folks: crazy mofos. Caves freak me out. I'd dive with sharks (in a cage) any day over going down into those caves. One (which I can't remember the name of) was deep enough to fit the Empire State Building inside! *Shudder*... um, no thanks!

AND! There's a show called Whale Wars on Animal Planet that I never knew about until tonight... the season premiere was advertised, complete with anti-whaling boats battling a Japanese whale ship. Omg it was pretty intense, and I totally want to see this show!

[*Sigh*] Okay, okay, I guess I should spare you all anymore geeking out... for now. I should start thinking about bed now that I'm full of dinner and my hamstring is nice and cold and drugged up (strained it at hip hop tonight).

Thanks for joining me on my animal-and-nature geek-a-thon! LOL :)


  1. I'm strangely obsessed by docs about sharks. If a Megalodon did exist, this would quite possibly be the coolest yet most terrifying thing ever...

  2. Wow, Jessi, I <3 your geekiness. I still don't think you can beat my love for The Universe, but that Planet Earth show is dope. I saw it in HD at my parents... and omg, it's even better. I'm not so sure about the Whale Wars people though - where do the Green Peace weenies get their authority?

    Anywho, <3 geek TV.

  3. @ Matt :o)
    Hmmm, considering the crazy shit those peeps do, I would hardly call them "weenies", regardless where you stand as far as their cause goes. And you could ask the same question of the whalers - where do they get their authority to slaughter whales? Its all relative, my friend.