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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's the day of the show, y'all!

Finally home after another stressful day at work. The oops that I mentioned in yesterday's post is over and done, but the bigger thing it was related to got dragged out into today. It all came down to office drama and politics, and being the lowest on the food chain, I got dragged into it. Um, hello, I'm just the student hourly employee, I don't make the decisions, so don't ask me because I don't know. It started right as I got in this morning - great start to my day, thanks.

But now I'm home. And I'll de-stress with a little one-woman dance party. The best prescription for me to blow off steam is to get the blood flowing, so I'll crank the tunes and get down with my bad self, solo-style... sorry neighbors...

And THEN!!!

Drum roll, please...

It will be time for the season premiere of my FAVE show, So You Think You Can Dance... I'm hella excited! I've waited for... well, since last summer! I hope this season is as good as the last. I don't consider myself a big TV watcher. The shows that most people follow I know by name and general premise (American Idol, Biggest Loser, Lost, The Bachelor, etc.), but that's about it... SYTYCD is the show I totally get into, waaaaaaaay more than Grey's Anatomy. If I miss a Grey's episode, eh, I'll watch it online over the weekend. No way with SYTYCD... if I have to miss I will tape it old-school, VCR style (you know it!) and stay up late to watch it. Tired at work the next day? Tired, schmired. I can't miss!

SYTYCD = yet another reason why I luuuuuuv summer!

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  1. I have seen some pretty sweet dance troops on the show Britain's Got Talent... I think you can you tube them. ??

    If you like that sort of thing.